any south african females in the army?

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by L_J, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. L_J

    L_J Swinger

    After watching Fighting on the Frontline on Channel 4 and seeing all the different nationalities serving in british army.
    I was just wondering how often one comes across saffas, aussies or kiwi females serving in the british army???
  2. i think that actress charleze theron or whatever her name is spelt was in the SA Army!
  3. Theres loads ...end of lesson.
  4. L_J

    L_J Swinger

    urrrmmm i don't think so
  5. as a conscript i was told!
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    No female conscripts in the old SADF - so no - more likely some over active pr person.

    As for any Saffers with pointy chests in the British Army - I would be surprised - serious "I'm a Princess - my mommy told me so - look after me!" factor to overcome so I sort of doubt it.
  7. Well Ive put Aussie female, South african, Zimbabwe, ghanaian females in the as said YES.
  8. I've met a Saffer in the RN who used to be British Army, so yes, it does happen. How many there are I couldn't say, but given the number of commonwealth soldiers in the Army, I guess there's a few.
  9. I worked with a SA girl in the British Army.

    Right ******* pain in the arse, evil cow admin case she was too.

    And no, she didn't turn me down. Wouldn't touch her with yours!
  10. L_J

    L_J Swinger

    thanks for all the replies was just curious to know as i noticed that saffa max and then thought it is odd that one never hears of foreign females in the british army.
  11. I knew one in the RLC
  12. Lezzer?
  13. Think so, was never interested enough to bother finding out.
  14. No I think she had alot of SA Army in her!
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