any south african females in the army?

After watching Fighting on the Frontline on Channel 4 and seeing all the different nationalities serving in british army.
I was just wondering how often one comes across saffas, aussies or kiwi females serving in the british army???
Theres loads ...end of lesson.


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No female conscripts in the old SADF - so no - more likely some over active pr person.

As for any Saffers with pointy chests in the British Army - I would be surprised - serious "I'm a Princess - my mommy told me so - look after me!" factor to overcome so I sort of doubt it.
Well Ive put Aussie female, South african, Zimbabwe, ghanaian females in the as said YES.
I've met a Saffer in the RN who used to be British Army, so yes, it does happen. How many there are I couldn't say, but given the number of commonwealth soldiers in the Army, I guess there's a few.
I worked with a SA girl in the British Army.

Right ******* pain in the arse, evil cow admin case she was too.

And no, she didn't turn me down. Wouldn't touch her with yours!
thanks for all the replies was just curious to know as i noticed that saffa max and then thought it is odd that one never hears of foreign females in the british army.

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