Any Smokers out there?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. I bought my 1st 200 cigs from Cheap Cigarettes - a couple of weeks ago.

    They're based in Oz, and it costs just over £32 for 200 Marlboro lights, including postage (which takes a couple of weeks)

    According to their small-print no international laws are being broken, and if the Customs do keep hold of the package they'll post another pack free.

    I was dubious but, as I've already said, got my first 200 through yesterday.

    MODS, if this is inappropriate feel free to bin the thread.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Prince Albert, you've just coughed -on an internet forum - to smuggling.

    TPDA79 (sorry, I'll stop writing in jargon). The Tobacco Products Duties Act 1979, controls the excise duties charged upon Tobacco, and determines the "Duty Point" (that is the point at which the duty becomes due). The Excise Duty Rates are also set by the Act, and are varied each year through the Finance Act (aka The Budget).

    Excise rates in 2010 for Cigarettes are:

    24% of the Retail Price;
    PLUS £119.03 per 1000 cigarettes.

    If we presume that the retail price for Marlborough Lights is £5.00 (I know, I'm such a realist when it comes to the price of cancer sticks), then;

    Excise duty (ad valorem) on 200 fags (10 packs) at £5.00 = £12.00
    (£119.03/1000)*200 = £23.81
    Total Duty due = £35.81
    Import VAT @ 17.5% = £16.27

    Total taxes due = £42.09

    I think you'll find that as you are the one who will be charged for the Duty and VAT due, the extra pack will be little compensation.

    Oh and as the importer, HMRC will look to charge you for all of the Duty/VAT due and might make a case for a s170 CEMA79 offence (Knowingly concerned in the importation etc) for which 7 years jail and an unlimited fine is the maximum penalty.
  3. Ner, Ner. That'll learn ya.

    Seriously though, you'd better get smokin' the evidence. Those HMRC guys are like dogs with a bone when they get a whiff of wrong doing......Just ask Portsmouth.
  4. Grassing fucker.
  5. Well thanks for the info.......but worth the risk. Perhaps if the government didn't put such a massive tax on the cigarettes people wouldn't need to look elsewhere for them.
  6. That bit may be true, but the site also states:

    My bold.

    So it appears quite clear to me that there will be duty payable on entry to the UK, so I shall continue to buy mine from the dodgy bloke in the pub and risk early death by Chinese special additives.
  7. Priince Albert, go to Bangkok, they are about £6 for 200 over there. Go to all the 7-11 shops buy all they have and pack them in your case. I got carrier bags full of them last time I went and the duty free at the airport - they sold me 20 cartons in the duty free shop.
  8. What about purchases from other EU states?
  9. I'll let a SMS pop up to give chapter and verse but I recall, about 10 years ago, this being all the rage with regard to postal fags from Dutchland. But that was before the EU Praesidium slowly brought most VAT rates in line: as far as I'm aware there's nowt to be gained in it now.
  10. So,It's not illegal,immoral or fattening?
  11. 1. You might think that but I could'nt possibly comment.

    2. As a 60 Capstan Full Strength a day man? Nope. However some may say that, as an exploitative measure aimed at a vulnerable Turd Wurld, most definately.

    3. Wunh?
  12. When the pound was stronger it was worth getting fags from abroad. As long as it is for your own consumption I vaguely recall 3600 being bandied around (from EU countries, not including the Canarie Islands and one or two others).

    I think the onus is now on customs to prove they are not for your personal consumption.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Used to have 200 a month shipped in from spain until the customs got hold of them. Had a stand up argument to which they wouldnt back down after the third time they kept them I told them to keep the bloody things and I'd just bring in 3000 at at time when I fly back from Spain. They said this was ok! civil servants!
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    My Mods will do what they are told. So chill out. Maybe take in the Cabaret? Remember to tip your serving person.

    Do one, Adolf. Whilst it is not your fault you were born short, bald, Welsh and have finally got a job with the Excise, real men are talking about buying fags without having to bung 90% of our cash to the Government. In a free society, this is allowed. Its just chat, all right?

    Do you want to buy a sports bag and a bath? PM me, yah? We can skip the VAT for cash
  15. But babies will die without the taxes paid on them there fags!