Any smokers left? (Gasp). (Gasp). (Last Gasp).

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shagnasty, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Having a beer and a smoke at the bar as I write this. Anyone left in this world care to join in? :p
  2. At the bar? You filthy criminal, you'd better not be in the UK. Soon there won't be any drinking or talking in bars either, thank god.
  3. The last cigarette I smoked in a bar was last month in FI. I had been expecting it to be luxury - out of the cold and wet for a change - but I felt strangely uncomfortable.

    Ended up going outside to smoulder in the snow. :(

    I think I'm now the last smoker in the unit. It's very lonely during smoke breaks, but you've got to maintain tradition.
  4. Bastardo :x :rage: :crash:
  5. Just about to nip out for a sly drag now. And where is the smoking area? Next to the mortuary of course. Who says that there's no humour in healthcare?
  6. Smokers here have nice little shelters, but they are in plain view of the offices, so anyone smoking can be seen it is amzing how this alone has cut down on this strange habit.
  7. Have not had one for 5 days now.
  8. Dont worry chaps, summer time shall be top as we rule the beer garden once more.

    However here in Germany there is still no sign of smoking in pubs being banned, despite the scare stories in the Sixth Sense.

  9. You must have missed something - its here all right and at the beginning of 2008 will get stricter.
  10. My boss is 73 and a ex squaddie,copper.He runs a family firm.About 10 workers and 7 vehicles.The warehouse is his.He smokes as well.....his idea is "it's my building and vehicles and if i wanna smoke in them,i will and everyone else(government) can fcuk off if they don't like it".Good drills that man.
  11. Interesting point here. Legally one cannot smoke in an establishment that has....FREE access to the general some publican charges his customers....say, a 10 pence fee..then his establishment is no longer FREE????? Any legal eagles care to comment?
  12. You can't legally smoke in private members clubs, for which there are fees, so I assume it wouldn't hold.
  13. Is that actually true? Or is it the Committee being obtuse and not reading the law correctly?
  14. Dosn't matter if you smoke inside or outside, its still bad for you.
  15. Sorry taffridge, has been banned in Germany since 1 November, unless you have at least two seperate rooms. :oops: