Any SIB out there wanna guess our names?

Looks like all those who currently speak out will need to change their identities then. Big brother POD obviously can't stand the people he purports to lead disagreeing with him.

All those that follow his direction should look for the last time on my avatar and take it to heart.

As far as I am concerned, Arrse is unfortunately now not the place to air grievances, attempt to influence opinion or start discussion.

Kiss my arrse goodbye!!
Isn't it?

We haven't been told otherwise to the best of my knowledge :D
Remember article 8 of the Human Rights Act. Your private correspondence is your own!

Obviously if you identif yourself by name or if you are using a work PC :oops: , you may be vulnerable. But if anyone wants to ask questions like "what websites do you post on?" then keep lips zipped.
Just be careful Chaps!! I am an FBU Official.............and i am bloody sure my phone is tapped.Keep getting these strange clicks and farts occasionally.
This is like Soviet Russia not the UK. :lol:
MrPVRd said:
Remember article 8 of the Human Rights Act. Your private correspondence is your own!
But you are posting on what is a public forum. Even so, as long as you are not breaching any security laws what can they touch you for? Unless they are in the process of changing the laws (Mil or Civvy) things should stay that way (and there's a possibility :cry: ).

Bugger putting life and limb on the line and then being told I'm not allowed an opinion. :roll:
Thats absolutely bang on mate!!!
Too right you are entitled to an opinion!!!!!!! :evil:

Your clicks and farty noises , do they occur at the same times of the day?

Do you ever get your phone ringing just once at the same time of day?

I had some experience of this , when the Business partner was putting in a counter-bid for a large manufacturing company hereabouts.

And if you are getting clicks, buzzes and farts , it ain't SIS :wink:
All i know is that it was happening during the Dispute and strikes.....and it started again recently when this all kicked off again!!
I have had one ring calls several times...all after midnight and before 1 am.
I wouldnt put anything past this lot mate!!!
You know Big Brother's watching you when your mail finds itself re-routed through a "special" postal sorting office not far from Belfast. And then arrives at your home address very obviously opened and sellotaped back together. A not very subtle hint.......but effective. 8)
Freaks. What are you scared of?

My name is Dale the Snail. I am a slug. Take that :twisted:
Who cares?? Is being monitored and punished for dissent a greater crime in the public eye than the dissent in the first place?!?

And, if I'll get a slap on the wrist for posting with a tag, then I'll use my real name and rank in a more public forum with a lot more detail!! Nothing to lose anymore....yee hah!!! :twisted: :twisted: Will probably do that anyway, hit the send button just before I walk out the camp gate for the last time! :twisted:

Brings the whole "control freaks" tag back into the public domain!! :twisted:
I can say that during a one on one interview not so very long ago - and I can't go in to too much detail as I would then be clearly 'outed' - it was made clear to me that the spooks monitor this place regularly.

Does anyone know who the Good CO / Bad CO really are?
Is the shopping experience just another means of tracing your details (step forward the monkey from Manchester...)

Paranoid? Moi?
Personally I would hope that all the spooks and even the RMP are spending their time protecting the country from terrorists, and not wasting resources monitoring ARRSE for signs of dissent against the Dear Leader et al.
I know who the COs are, £50k and I'll bubble them

OK OK £5 and a box of maltesers :D
Brown envelope - usual place - now cough, or 'the boys' will be around....
Either way, if they can't take collective brickbats in the spirit it was intended, shades of 1936, and we know where that ended up.

Extract your collective digits and defend the forces you re-represent and stop worrying about your pensions and Knighthoods etc.

Jeez my Grandfather would be turning in his Grave, at all your antics.

Up the the Skins, now long gone.
But there are indications that military police investigators have taken to monitoring the boards and are trying to trace the identities of those responsible for potentially controversial messages.
Tell me then and I will happily post on every ones behalf.

Then, when they come looking for me, I will point them straight to the "lawyers for you" leach that I will have standing right behind me ready to sue the MOD for violating my European Rights, which Bliar seems to be intent on imposing on all of us.

Better the money goes towards my new boat as opposed to spending it on £1000 a time chairs for the fat shiny arsed bean counters :D

In fact, anything controversial, PM me straight away, I will email it, post it, fax it and pigeon courier it to No 10 post haste, signed off with "try and send the monkeys to arrest me you nazi fcuker, I fancy suing you for a year of yours and that ugly fcuker cheries wages" :D

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