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Any Shepherds in?

I did, thats why she ran away to the country to hang out with sheep, the only objects that would work as sanitary devices after I finished with her.
Is there really a degree in sheep management?? Seriously??
There are degrees in media studies. There are degrees in football management. There are degrees in celebrity journalism. There are degrees in computer games studies, there are degrees in colonialism and cultural imperialism. So what's wrong with studying sheep? Seems like one of the higher up ones to me.


Book Reviewer
Couldn't be arsed shagging a nutter who stinks of sheep and degs but if any of you cunts manage to jam your hands down Emma's soiled snappies there is a cracking development opportunity here.



I'm thinking a boutique hotel and restaurant with guest lodges and a golf course. You can do Nutty Girl and her dogs and bury them up Harwood Forest or plant them in the foundations. I'm not fussy. Leave the sheep. Tourists like sheep. 10% finders fee and 8% on the uplift. We can dicker about residuals once you have buried the mad bint and her degs. PM me, yah?
Did the government not compensate farmers, after their herds being culled. Nothing to stop the lady from getting a wind turbine for some electric power. Avoids the naafi clices.............

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