Any Serving Police Officers know much about the role of PCSO?

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Azrael2006, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Evening everyone,

    In short I am currently applying for the role of PCSO, and am confidant that I meet and can demonstrate the competencies that are being asked for, there is one question that I have put below that i could do with some extra info on:

    "On a day-to-basis, what tasks do you expect to be carrying out as a police community support officer?

    We need to see that you know what the role involves and that you have considered whether it is the job for you. Tell us what tasks you expect to carry out if appointed."

    I have researched a fair bit and have a good idea of what is required (otherwise I wouldn't be applying) I suppose the question I have, is does anyone know any PCSOs (or indeed are one) and what aspects of the job differed to what they were expecting?

    If anyone has any info/guidance I would really appreciate a PM, having left the Army after 12 years on an MD, I am trying to get myself back up and running and long term am aiming for a fuller career within the Police Service, however I see this is a good foot in the door and allows me to start learning.

    many thanks
  2. Surely if you want a serious answer you would go on the police forums such as those found in google.
  3. I am just covering my bases
  4. PCSO's or more correctly CSO's are employed as 'policing on the cheap' - they have no powers to arrest but do have a power to detain until a constable can arrive (the power extends to 30 minutes). Lots of foot patrolling - very little excitement - lots of community meetings (ie boring bastards telling you what to do and how to do it despite having worked in a shop for 40 years). You will have to learn to look interested in all these 'know nothing' *******. However, the pay is good and it is now becoming one of the few routes to becoming an attested constable. Be aware that you will suffer abuse and back stabbing by the regular officers, who to your face will tell you what a fine PCSO you are and what a fine job you are doing! Their attitude to PCSO's is that you get 90% of the pay for 10% of the work. Do not forget that your friends will immediately be alienated from you because you are a copper. But you're not really - just don't try to explain.
    Remember the 2 golden rules of policing - never admit anything (make them prove it) and always think, in the back of your mind, '**** em'.
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  5. ahh isn't that sweet my first topic thread broke the cherry of your first post on ARRSE....
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  6. To be fair he did say he could "meet and demonstrate the competancies required".
    if that means being an ignorant twat he's proved it.
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  7. Don't forget their comedy value. They give the feral yoof hours of entertainment.
  8. They usually drive round in marked patrol cars looking at themselves in shop windows,
  9. Not around this area they don't. They're not trusted with more than a mountain bike & very fetching they look too in their 3/4 length bitch britches. :)

  10. She could take down my particulars any day of the week...
  11. If your eventual aim is to become a regular officer, go for it. Many forces, including my own, are plannning to recruit only from PCSOs or Special Constables already in the organisation. From what I've observed, and from talking to PCSOs, it really is "money for old rope" as they are really just there for public reassurance, and don't actually do much. You won't face much open hostility, most officers know PCSOs are here to stay, and regardless of their personal views, just see the advantage of having someone to do the boring bits ie community meetings, delivering leaflets etc. As long as you've got a thick skin and can put up with the abuse from scroats who KNOW you can't do a lot, you'll be fine.
  12. Unlike most of the posters above I've actually worked with a fair few PCSOs, they can be a vital intelligence asset because they do spend more time out-and-about getting to know their areas, the communities within and building personal relationships. There are those who like to think they are regular officers, which they are not, and despite what some here think were never intended to be, they are the ones that become a bit of a joke - if you want to play copper better to become a Special. I've also seen PCSOs used as coppers because they've run out of officers so they are sent into dangerous situations without the correct equipment and training 'because they're better than nothing' as I've heard one harassed Sgt say.

    All-in-all PCSOs do a good job, anyone who wants to denigrate them could perhaps do a few shifts with them (as some forces allow civilians to do) before gobbing off, or just continue slagging them from a point of ignorance, which ever you prefer.

    Might be of some use
  13. As a member of the public I'm a big fan of the PCSO concept, even if they actually have limited powers. I used to live in one of the entertainment districts od London and it was even on a Monday or Tuesday evening very loud, full of low-level crime, full of louts pissing in the doorway to my flat, and crowded with really bad buskers playing all hours.

    PCSOs came in & all of a sudden the uniform itself acted as a deterrent to the anti-social behaviour. I'm not saying we ended up with a continental-sytle cafe culture, but things just seemed a little less edgy & more welcoming for visitors & less attrractive for those bent on bother...
  14. A PCSO's Basic salary ranges from £20,874 to £24,015

    A PCs basic salary circa £25,962

    Considering there's very little difference in pay but a huge difference in what they can actually do it seems to be a case of false economics to me.
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