Any serving personal that wear glasses/ contact lenses

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Markbens, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Hey is there any serving personal on here that wear glasses or contact lenses could you PM me I have a few questions I would like to ask. Thanks for any response.
  2. Why not just ask on here wearing glasses/contacts is not something to be ashamed of, questions on being being guar/ginger in the Army on the other hand would be something I would want to PM.
  3. pm me...i was once a bike face and then a secret speccy...... :)
  4. What possible question could you ask?
    Can you wear them: yes/no
  5. Do they still issue compo specs?
  6. I was wondering if you can wear contact lenses in the army. I've heard you can't in basics but can you after this?
  7. Yeah they still issue some nasty specs, they have got slightly better than the 1980's NHS Black rimmed ones, they have moved onto brown ones that look much like the 1990's issued sun glasses with the safety bits on the side.
    Hmmm, i have a pair that may or may not come on tour, these are a last resort, the shit would have had to really hit the fan for me to break them out!
  8. Thank you did you have to wear the issue glasses during basics?

  9. How did you find out that you're not allowed to wear contacts in basic? My recruiter has never mentioned this to me?
  10. i suppose wearing contacts in the CS chamber could be a disaster if you don't know what to expect...hehehe :twisted: get lenses to fit inside the respirator so no probs there....the best thing is just to do what you get told.......after your basic consider more glamorous face apparel before you get to a unit and pick up a dodgy nickname :)
  11. OC D Sqn of them wore contacts back in 1980.

    AFAIK the only line is having eyes lasered - even the Wavefront treatment is not accepted.
  12. Who would know?
  13. One of my friends had her eyes lasered in 2007 (Don't know which treatment she used) - it was allowed by the army, she was just downgraded to non-deployable for 1 year. Ask at the RMO/MRS about the treatments that are/are not permitted.

  14. Yes it is you specky geek.
  15. i wear contacts and have done for 15yrs in the Army. Had them on H11, were ok, just remember lens solution. I used the 30 day ones, no dramas.