Any Scottish Residents able to help?

My son in his final year at Uni is trying to get hold of a copy of a document by the Scottish Executive about poverty and social inclusion. The document was published in 2004 and is called "Closing the Opportunity Gap".

He has tried everywhere from here in West London to try and get it with no success. I wondered if any Scottish posters on here might be able to help.

Many thanks in advance for any responses.
It may be there is no report per se, merely the policy supported by prior working papers. The extract below is from :


The Scottish Executive committed to 'closing the opportunity gap' in its Partnership Agreement in May 2003. Six Closing the Opportunity Gap ( CtOG) Objectives were announced in July 2004 and ten CtOG Targets in December 2004.
The three core Aims of CtOG are to:
1. prevent individuals or families from falling into poverty
2. provide routes out of poverty for individuals and families
3. sustain individuals or families in a lifestyle free from poverty
The six broad CtOG Objectives are to:
#1: increase the chances of sustained employment for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups - in order to lift them permanently out of poverty.
#2: improve the confidence and skills of the most disadvantaged children and young people - in order to provide them with the greatest chance of avoiding poverty when they leave school.
#3: reduce the vulnerability of low income families to financial exclusion and multiple debts - in order to prevent them becoming over-indebted and/or to lift them out of poverty.
#4: regenerate the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods - in order that people living there can take advantage of job opportunities and improve their quality of life.
#5: increase the rate of improvement of the health status of people living in the most deprived communities - in order to improve their quality of life, including their employability prospects.
#6: improve access to high quality services for the most disadvantaged groups and individuals in rural communities - in order to improve their quality of life and enhance their access to opportunity.
The ten specific CtOG Targets are as follows:
  • Target A - reduce the number of workless people dependent on DWP benefits in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Dundee, and West Dunbartonshire by 2007 and by 2010
  • Target B - reduce the proportion of 16-19 year olds who are not in education, training or employment by 2008
  • Target C - ensure that public sector and large employers tackle aspects of in-work poverty by providing employees with the opportunity to develop skills and progress in their career. NHS Scotland will set an example by providing 1,000 job opportunities, with support for training and progression once in post, between 2004 and 2006 to people who are currently economically inactive or unemployed
  • Target D - reduce health inequalities by increasing the rate of improvement for under 75 Coronary Heart Disease ( CHD) mortality and under 75 cancer mortality for the most deprived communities by 15% by 2008
  • Target E - ensure that by 2008, children and young people who need it have an integrated package of appropriate health, care and education support
  • Target F - increase the average tariff score of the lowest attaining 20% of S4 pupils by 5% by 2008
  • Target G - ensure that by 2007, at least 50% of all 'looked after' young people leaving care have entered education, employment or training
  • Target H - by 2008, improve service delivery in rural areas so that agreed improvements to accessibility and quality are achieved for key services in remote and disadvantaged communities
  • Target J - promote community regeneration of the most deprived neighbourhoods, through improvements by 2008 in employability, education, health, access to local services, and quality of the local environment
  • Target K - by 2008, increase the availability of appropriate financial services and money advice to disadvantaged communities to reduce their vulnerability to financial exclusion and multiple debts.
The CtOG strategy seeks to integrate Aims, Objectives and Targets so that Targets contribute to the achievement of Objectives and in turn, Objectives contribute toward the achievement of Aims.

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