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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by PapaGolf, May 23, 2012.

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  1. I have the opportunity to sign for 20 HK P8 pistols from our German detachment, for a British deployable team in Afgh. If the SAA instructors in the unit get trained on the wpn sys by our German equivalents and they provide the ammunition, and then we subsequently train up our guys, are they any reasons why we (the Brits) can't carry them as side arms? It has already been authorised by the German ISAF Commander, what would the legal/Insurance implications be, if any? Many thanks
  2. Surely the main issue would be armourer support?
  3. We have that in place
  4. Phone the Inf School at Brecon mate, get the answer from them direct then ask for an email to confirm that its cleared.
  5. I would also speak to ITD Warminster, who carry out all weapon trials and associated equipment incl UORs etc. All British service weapons have to complete either a condensed UOR trial, or put through its paces in a full trial. PM King of Kings, he either works there, or is a man in the know and will have the answer.
  6. Will do, many thanks
  7. You should speak to TAG(UK) (in Strensall I think), they have always been able to help with any if the weird and wonderful small arms and ammo questions I have ever been able to come up with.

    Surely the principal questions is why do you want to use these things? What is wrong with the issued weapon systems? And if there is a requirement for a different weapon, then it should be staffed as a UOR.
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