Any SAPPER Divers?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by paulrobz, May 12, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering whether you dived using computers or good old tables?


    What computer would you recommend for gas-switching and Nitrox?

  2. well i always usually "Dive" in the horizontal position not sure on the table though might have to ask the wife if she fancys a go.
    And laughing gas aint my bag usually a bit of throat restriction does the trick.
  3. I'm not an Army diver, but I believe their SOP's are pretty much the same as that of the senior service.

    If that is the case, all dives are conducted on military diving tables. Divers are not responsible for working out and controlling their own decompression, that's the supervisors job. Not sure about the Army lot, but the Navy get issued the Suunto D3 bottom timer/depth gauge.

    As for the computer question, I like my Suunto D9 but if you're using CCRs and doing lots of gas-switching, then i'd say the VR3 is a better bet.
  4. Keeffy, your as witty as ever, thanks for the LACK of help.

    ScaleyFins, cheers for the help, I do like the D9 and the VR3, but i will only be using nitrox for extended range and deco purposes and not CCR. I'm currently looking at Suunto Vytec DS @ £339, unless you know anywhere to get it cheaper than this?
  5. For sports diving I would recommend the Vytec DS, been using mine for a couple of years now without any problems :D
  6. Computers? You guys allowed to use them now? If so I would assume they let you wear gloves now as well when its cold :)

    When we used to dive in the 80's I think we used tables from the BR 2806 I cant really remember after all these years and Lager.

    When we were on the Mary Rose we used USN Tables as they are superior and more forgiving. And table 11 is a better way of treating the bends as its quicker and allows longer bottom time than the BR 2806.

    As a Commercial Diver in the North Sea we used USN as well.

    Computers are nice toys but you must still plan your dive and use you watch. What if the thing has battery failure or a seal malfunctions?

    Don't think they wont, I have had 2 x depth gauges get knocked and start leaking oil everywhere, so its not ideal environment for a Processor especially on a working dive.
  7. Talking about the old BR2806 does anybody have one for sale?

    Also what are the RE divers using these days?
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The Suunto algorithm is very conservative and is still based on a modified Hogarth model with an RGBM model overlaid.
    Try Uwatec Aladin Prime if your ambition stop at single mix recreational nitrox.