Any rumours of Supplier Redundancies on Tranche 3

Hope they are. The whole Supply ethos is what in which they go by stifles everything you try and do.
I think you'll find that the trade is expanding.
Untrue the trades within the new CSS Corp will expand but Logistic suppliers will be cut by 400ish prior to the 150ish Tech storeman forming up as Logistic Suppliers

Forgot to mention the Engineer resources trade also coming over
Under the Whole Force Concept/Total Support Force the Corps should be concentrating on the core roles that cannot be easily contracted out during the first few (3-4) roulements/rotations; that's what the Reaction Force will get to do. Thereafter, with 18 months+ lead-time, the theory is that the Adaptable Force brigades (7 x Inf Bdes plus support) will have time to mobilise its Reserve component. Supply, including the Log Specs being put into unit 1st line stores, will remain a focus. General transport is more readily provide by contract or under local (HNS) arrangement. Pet Ops to the Sappers? Not sure where that one comes from.
Pet Ops are going to the Sappers. Been on the cards for a long time.
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