Any RTMC bods use the forum?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by chaostoo, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. As the title says - I need some info about going on tour, as my unit says there's nothing available till at least next Oct, which I find a bit odd.......

    Background : I turned down a Bastion ED slot on H17B to go with 5 Med Regt on H18, but didn't get selected for that, so now I'm trying to get another Bastion slot if I can......
  2. CMT1 (V), Civvie Paramedic (not that the Army recognises such things!!!!). Pte soldier (see previous comment - trainee nurses get at least LCpl and then full screw on qualification - not to mention the number of senior QA officers that trot around despite being the same A4C Pay Band as me, many with far less autonomy.......).

    Anyway - as I say, anyone with any definitive info as to what Chilwell actually want, I'd be grateful to hear.......
  3. The definite info is:

    Your training staff need to speak to whoever is deploying on Herrick 19 and see if you can fill a slot at a Regt.

    There is nothing available on the OCE list. All posts for Pte/LCpl are not getting replaced as it stands

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  4. Cheers for that.......
  5. I've been trying to get away for nearly 3 years now - previous unit weren't really pro-active at all. New unit is far better, but things seem to have dried up.....
  6. If your unit says there is nothing available then there's nothing available.

    It's not Thomas Cook. You missed your opportunity to go on Herrick 18 by your own admission.

    As the last lot of TA were told who I've sent down to RTMC. " remember the unit who you are joining have x amount of regular soldiers who will gladly go at a moments notice"

    There is limited jobs available and COs whether you like it or not will only take exceptional reservists. If you missed the boat then im afraid that's your lot, unless a trawl goes out, which for a butt **** Pte is pretty much nil.

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  7. Oh dear....

    My previous unit had been telling me 'nothing was available' for over two years - a fact I came to realise was utter bollocks when I bumped into other (civvy) paramedics on courses who were already in the pipeline for tours!

    Oh - and all of us were/are 'butt **** privates' (because the Army has no concept of what a civvy Paramedic actually does), hence me asking here.

    As for the 'exceptional reservists' quip - yep, I can see why that would be of importance - sadly, 'exceptional' only seems to apply to levels of fitness, not ability in role - certainly from my recent experience.

    Sadly, the TA (and hence the Army) is going to lose a shit load of qualified and experienced clinicians unless they drop this 'butt **** private' stance (or promote in line with the QAs) - and the regular army doesn't have the numbers of similarly qualified bods to fill those gaps.

    Anyway - once again, thanks for your input - shame you make yourself look like a **** with the insults......

  8. You make yourself look like a typical whinging STAB who thinks the world should revolve around you and your life.

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  9. Again - oh dear!

    I can assure you that I don't expect, nor want, the world to revolve around my life - my life outside of green is pretty full on, thanks for asking.

    Nor am I am 'whinging STAB'.

    I couldn't give a flying fook about rank, only that having none seems to preclude me from deploying because muppets like you seem to think that rank = capabilities. Sadly, this view is also held by the Army in general, despite them freely giving 'rank' to lesser qualified and/or experienced QAs.

    That isn't a 'wah', only a statement of fact. I don't begrudge the QAs who get rank thrown at them, but I do begrudge the inability of people to see past rank where clinical abilities are concerned - not that I'd suspect you would even begin to understand that, given your previous comments.

    As for there being 'many experienced regulars who have dealt with battlefield trauma who will gladly take your place'. I'll beg to disagree on that, but that's another subject.

    Re. the fitness - I'm plenty fit enough, despite being of advancing years, but I'm admittedly not as fit as many 20 something regulars (although I'd bet I'm fitter than some!) - the question you have to ask is, what's more important for a medic? Being able to tab around all day without breaking sweat, or having clincal knowledge and skills?

    Of course, both would be ideal - but the former is far easier to achieve than the latter - and with people like you making the comments like you've posted above, then people like me with that clinical experience will start to wonder what the ******* point is......

    Well done - now trot off back to your village before you find that a STAB idiot has taken your job!
  10. As a QA who has deployed operationally with a med regt rather than a Field Hospital because of my speciality, if you want to go out as a CMT 1 you'd almost certainly end up being out on patrol with infantry soldiers, carrying just as much weight as they do and having to be exactly as fit as they are.

    In your trade fitness and clinical ability are equally important. However there are plenty of 19 and early 20s yr old regular privates and lance jacks who already have one or two tours under their belts, are CMT 1 and will already have seen more battle, blast and GSW trauma than a civilian paramedic will see in their entire career who are more than willing to go out again and do the job. Your statement regarding this is simply incorrect.

    Who are they really more likely to take, them or you? I know who I'd rather take.
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