Any Royal Tank units serve in Bessbrook

Discussion in 'RAC' started by gauis, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. Did any Royal Tank units serve in Bessbrook during the 70's or 80's?
  2. I know it is out of your year bracket but X Sqn 3 RTR did from Sept 90 - Feb 91!
  3. 2 rtr helped out on a couple of small ops but it was only hours ,flown in and out stuff...77 i think..
  4. 4 RTR 1971, lost a guy to a culvert bomb.
  5. 1 RTR never went to South Armagh and as there were only 4 RTR's during that time period I think your question has been well and truley answered by the MIB community.

  6. thanks everyone for there help
  7. I think you'll find the reason for that was the fact that Bessbrook was a feeder station for Forkhill and XMG - the two most dangerous outposts in the Empire. For that reason it was always either para/marine, or at best very good line inf regts who did BB.

    Not denigrating any RAC regts in that, but RAC have to relearn infantry skills when dismounted. BB wasn't really a suitable posting for us until the end was nigh.
  8. That'll be why the QRH/QRIH didnt deploy there then, as they weren't v adaptable at taking on new challenges, whereas 3RTR did. :blowkiss: Albeit, the end was nigh and we amalgamated 2 years later :pissedoff:
  9. Well, Good + Good = Better in my honest opinion.
  10. Served there as an individual attached to 3 RGJ during that period, in the very early days the Sqn based at St Angelo used to have a troop of Saladin detached there. Any help?
  11. Sorry to let the air out of your bag but the QRIH did deploy there.
  12. I thought they did, to be fair, so apologies all round
  13. Accepted.
  14. Well, i will do some checking but i think my old Regiment did (16/5th QRL) early 1970
  15. 16/5L served from 1971 - 73 Lisanelly Bks Omagh. Saladins, Saracens, ferrets and an Air Sqn with Souix. Out stations, St Angelo, Belleek, Clogher, and were involved in Motorman.

    Hope this helps