Any Royal Anglians out there who can give a few details?

I have a website about the 44th "East Essex" regiment of Foot. On the History page, there is a "timeline" of major events. Things are a bit patchy after the mid 90's.

Can anyone fill me in with a few details?

The link is

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Came across this recently in a magazine;

1995: 1st Bn Bosnia (NATO)
2000: 2nd Bn Sierra Leone
2002: 1st Bn Afghanistan
2003: 2nd Bn Afghanistan
2005: 1st Bn Iraq
2006: 2nd Bn + 3rd Bn (TA) Iraq
2007: 1st Bn + 3rd Bn (TA) Afghanistan

The article was from a war games magazine detailing the 44th Foot

But after scrolling down on the dates on your site,i see you already knew that
Not recently. they have helped in the past, but I must admit it that it didn't cross my mind this time... :oops:


I'll email them today.



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If you walk straight up the hill from Walthamstow tube (a mile or two), there is a building more or less opposite a church (it's near where my nephew used to live and I never recorded details, just walked it from memory) there is a public building which ISTR one open day was open and had some Essex Regiment memorabilia because Walthamstow was once in Essex. You may be able to glean some information from Walthamstow town hall or whatever.
Thanks, I'll make a note of that, see if I can send a relative, armed with a camera. I haven't been back to the UK for nigh on ten years now, and no trips are in the pipeline...

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