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Any room for improvement Sir?

Re open the as was BAOR, then ARMY, then Tri Service training base that the Sigs used to run on Sardinia. :lol:
Ok we used to use the RAF Dechi flight but now RyanAir has cheap flights. 8O

All you want , Diving, Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing , Canyoning, Para Gliding , topper sailing, ...... on a Island the size of Wales which is empty from September till June, great weather and has areas remote enough to qualify for ...was'nt it called class 3 training as you had to be totally self sufficent :?:
Then if you get the time to be able to go, you can't due to lack of personnel on the shop floor. Haven't been able to go myself for a few years now and I'm a canoeing instructor!

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