Any room for a tree surgen

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by redrat, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi , i v got one year left to go before i have a national diploma in Arboricultre ( tree surgary ) anyway i want to know if i join the RE will i be able to use my trade in the army ? i hear the MOD give out contracts out to private firms to do there tree work, why not use people like me ?

    (editied REME to RE )
  2. I think you're barking up the....

    bet someone beat me to it!
  3. PS you posted this on the RE board, and you talk about REME. REME try not to go outside near trees, so I suspect you are closer to the right arena here, despite the fact that RE have little to do with making trees happy either. See my pm, sorry not to be of more help.
  4. 1. Sappers aren't REME.
    2. Sappers do tree surgery rather differently to the methods you've been taught.
    3. Despite this, you sound like you're fun. Join.
  5. well if they will not let me do my trade i ll join the Infantry , just seems a waste...
  6. This is the same logic as:

    "I've got an HGV licence, but they've only got vans, so I'll become a postman on roller skates."
  7. Sappers cut down trees, better than any other branch of the Army, but don't necessarily do it neatly, nor with a view to improving the growth of the tree. The infantry hide behind trees. Which is most appropriate to your qualification?

  8. :lol:

    I mostly ran into trees with the 432 or Spartan. Plenty of scope for a bit of surgery there. :D
  9. I mostly just ran into trees. ;)
  10. Did anyone do tree hugging in training? Horrible.
  11. I found tree-hugging strangely therapeutic and calming..... usually because I was 30ft off the ground at the time with only my grip on the tree keeping me from falling!

  12. Redrat, RE's would welcome your skills with a chainsaw, but (probably) won't let you conduct private work - the toads who look after that stuff would whinge, the unions would cry foul etc etc. Mind you, what you do in your spare time with the nod of the QM is another story.
    Not being Mr Picky, but Tree Surgen - ahem, (coughs) Surgeon? Surgary - (coughs again) Surgery.....?
    Sorry, bad habit of mine....
  13. No point in you joining the Corps, we don't use tree surgeons, we use chainsaws and best of all explosives.

  14. Do you want to turn over a new leaf or do you want to branch out??
  15. do you think he will have "twigged" on yet :?: :?: :?: :?: