Any RFDs interested in testing my new invention?

Hi folks,

I would like to produce marketing videos of a rifle-grenade based invention of mine so I can put them up on my website without any issues with the tests being done on an inappropriate target/hunting license or environment.

Therefore I am looking for a RFD, preferably near Cambridge, UK, for me to take my inventions to your range and test it with video recordings. I've been to one close to me in Suffolk but they only deal with larger calibre ammunition, starting at .240

Essential to the test:
1) Standard military issue 5.56x45mm ammunition, e.g. a 62gr SS109 FMJ round (the rounds I seem to keep coming across tend to be 55gr, polymer or expanding tip)

Items which would be nice for the test:
1) A few mm thick plywood witness board
2) High speed photography
3) Standard optical cameras, but higher quality than my existing one (15 fps, 640x480 resolution)
4) Your own standard mil-issue flash eliminator compatible with a SA80/M4/M16, or a threaded barrel capable of accepting one

Don't worry, all the components of the RG are inert (for now!). The purpose of the tests are to evaluate the mechanical attachment and external ballistics of the device.

I have eight devices to test for now, using different design and material parameters. Based on the outcome of the tests, more tests are probable as design refinements progress.


If you want to travel give me a shout, sussex!

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