Any restrictions on travel?

My husband is currently on exercise in Canada. I have been asked to go to Belfast for work during one of the weeks he has leave at the end of August. I was thinking about turning it into a mini-holiday and taking him with me.

I mentioned this to a friend, who suggested that he might need to ask if he wants to travel to Northern Ireland. I hadn't thought of this, and presume it won't be a problem,but thought I would double check on here as I can't ask him and need to book this week.

Are there any places that soldiers can't travel? (I am guessing the army might not like you going on leave to Baghdad, but are there 'normal' holiday destinations that you need permission for).

There is a list of destinations published that servicemen require permission to visit. For NI the only stipulation I am aware of is to visit a website beforehand to see the current threat level and any specific restrictions for the time of the visit.

If your husband asks at his unit they should be able to provide him with both the web address and list of countries.
Current situation is that he must receive the ebrief from the website - this must be recorded by the unit - have a word with his RAWO he/she should be able to point you in the right direction.

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