Any remarks and questions about Russia you can put here.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. Also you can mention here Soviet Union, Stalin, Ivan 4th the Terrible and so on.

    Please, let's make discussion in other threads topical.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ah ha! So "Sergey" has run out of top Russian cover detail and is forced to trick substantiating pieces of information from Russia experts. It's no good mate, your pathetic Ashford/Chicksands and Beaconsfield accent shines through continuously. You are blown, and not in that nice way either...
  3. Dear Cuddles!

    I noted that each time then I try to discuss literally any topic I hear question about Russia, Russian (Soviet, Red) army, about Stalin (thank not about Peter the Great).

    So I decided (and it is not against rules) to create special thread there relevant topics could be discussed. I decided to answer to these question only there.


    PS. I don't understand your remark about accent. If you mean that my English is terrible then I of course agree. So 'accent' is too soft word and I regard your phrase as a hiden comlement.
  4. In Sergey's defence, he does start posting a couple of time zones ahead of us every morning. Who else would post at 5 a.m. GMT? Sounds like positive evidence to me...
  5. Once again , Sergey is Russian.
  6. 1. What is it like as a conscript in the Russian armed forces?

    2. Did Catherine the Great really enjoy relations with a horse?

    3. Can you play the balilika?

    4. Does it upset you that most Russian crumpet is now lap-dancing over here? 8) Your loss is our gain, I'm afraid.


    You can meet me in St. James' Park to answer my questions, comrade. The pass word is "The bear shits in the woods."


  7. 1. How do they make those dolls that fit in other dolls?

    2. Why do they make those dolls that fit in other dolls?
  8. How do you know that?
  9. So is Putin really the putz he seems to be on TV?
  10. Because I do.
  12. Can you send me Starka Vodka DIRT cheap?

    Вы можете послать мне Starka дешевую ГРЯЗЬ Водки?
  13. You are starting to sound like my two year old daughter PTP! "Because I do" is not really sufficient as corroborating evidence. Looks like biscuits and I are the only doubting John Thomases in this particular debate.

    Maybe if I put a request for help with getting a huge balance transferred from my uncle's Swiss bank account in all my posts then people will believe I am really last. The mere fact that I am six-five, white and was born in Berkshire shouldn't be in any way construed as meaning I'm British. I will also buy a Rough Guide to Nigeria and an Ibo phrase-book, if that helps convince everybody.

    BTW, to get that balance transfer sorted please send an administrative fee of $5000 to my account, c/o Cox & Kings...
  14. As he's an admin I assume PTP can check Sergey's IP address to see if it's Russian, proving at the very least he's Russian-resident
  15. ...or fiendishly clever with wiring and bits and bytes...that sort of thing. I however am merely a bluff old soldier-man and Johnny Russian makes a damn fine enemy but damn poor friend, a bit like the dear old wily Pathan!