Any regrets?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. does any one have any true regrets regarding joining there respective company, regiment etc?
    does all the bitching that goes on keep people sane?
  2. You will soon find that bitching is a part of daily routine. When a soldier stops whinging, then thats when you get worried
  3. I have shed loads. I should have listened to me mam and become a pop star.
  4. Every single day...
  5. Bitching is just a cure for boredom and you'll find people soon get bored!
    Taking the piss is just a joke and for all the bad times there are more good!
  6. I think bitching is an excellent proven way to relive stress, its either that or do what most squaddies so which is get f**ed around all week then go out on the weekend with it all bottled up. Blow their brains out with alcohol and let it all out resulting in people fighting, getting arrsested etc............


    (Bitcher, not a fighter)
  7. i know higround well. he was cheated from the board and a dodgy cr 2 yrs ago. he is a good bloke please do not take his whinging seriously... even though it has been running for 4 months solid.

    if you knew the case then you would understand ... maybe!
  8. Just look out for the bloke who always grins!!
  9. The problem is when people join they generally have no idea about whats its like and the make-up of the army different regts/cores etc.
    I think everyone should just do the same basic and be educated on the army, then decide on their unit before phase 2.

    If your not happy in what you are doing transfer, it will be a pain to begin with and it will require alot of nagging to certain personalitys but would be worth it in the end. Other wise you will just find yourself getting more and more pissed off.

    Im all for a bit of moning though its a squadies right, keeps you healthy and gives the lads some unity. Plus makes the week end all the more enjoyable (apart from those staging on) when you go out and get rat arsed and trash the local yates, never hurt anyone...... other than the odd civvy.
  10. If your not happy with your chosen Regt/Corps re badge & do it now. I made the mistake of joining the wrong Corps & have regretted it ever since. I was offered none of my 3 choices at Sutton Coldfield (2 Infantry & 1 Armd) & ended up as a driver in the R. Sigs. That was all they offered me so it was a choice of take it or leave it(there was not a great recruitment crisis then). I tried rebadgeing in BAOR but was fobbed off at every OC,s interview. In the end I left the Army with the intention of re joining into the Regt I wanted to be in. Alas I fell into the fanny trap & it did,nt happen. I,ve kicked myself ever since. You,ll get bitching in whatever Regt you join only in some its worse than others. There,ll be 1 or 2 who can easily spread discontent among the younger members of the unit & that is something SNCO,s have to clamp down on. But IMHO serve with who YOU want to & not who the Army want to.

    Regards LT.
  11. I'm quite happy with where I am - everyone knows their stuff and I'm picking it up quite quickly. Only regret is getting on the wrong side (I'm not entirely sure how) of one particular Corporal who keeps taking the piss and nicking my stuff (including my ciggies, Bastard). Then again, I don't have to get into contact with him that often.

    Nah, no regrets. Love it.
  12. the last pie..
    oh and the one before that
    and... well pies basicly.
  13. Not going back and filling in the trg regt cpl who was a bully
    but then i couldnt be arrsed by then
    and the first wife
    And its not bitching its just criticism that management dont want to hear
  14. Im also a driver in the sigs, I wanted to join the the welsh guards but my family persuaded me to get a trade :x Im not too chuffed at being in the sigs. I believe I'm designed for a higher purpose. The sigs driver lineman trade is dead, Im fcuking not!
  15. A friend started life as a guardsman, transferred to the RAOC in a 'mickey mouse' trade and later became an EOD bomb doctor! (& he's still there!)