Any refugee can but I can not ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. I am a bit angry.

    I left the mob early this year, As I am a contractor working in the EU . One of the first things I did was to apply to pay for my VOLUNTARY :D NI contributions.

    Got a nice letter back saying I CANNOT :? pay until a full tax year has passed and not to bother anyway as there is a white paper on the floor of the Commons trying to force into the books that one only need to pay 30 year of contributions for a full OAP.

    Great thought I , having paid over 29 already (without claiming one thing back!!!) I thought I was quids in. :D

    Yesterday the sting came:

    'Turns out that as I don't pay NI contributions (They said I could not !) I cannot claim for child benifit. :(

    So baby O_B (1) is going to miss out on fifteen grand because I only paid into the system for 28 years without a claim. and tried to do the right thing and keep on paying.

    But of course Mrs, Miss,Mr Polonii , Borat, Mullah, Schmitt wanting to scam UK PLC for all they can get ( Sorry a legal refugee) or even working in the UK for a few years can get this benifit and all the others after paying into the system seconds.

    UK policy it makes sense (If you come from Bedlam) :evil:
  2. Get your mortgage paid off, sell up and bug out mate, Cyprus is a good'un.
    Sorry to say but England's not home any more.
  3. Too true, it's where my parents come from, but it's changed now to something else.
  4. Curious about what the Government is going to do once all the people who have worked hard and got shafted move out taking there cash with them?
  5. You need to go through the appeals system.
  6. Dunno what yer contracting at, but Canada will have yer if ya got skills. Get out mate, and show yer appreciation to the guv`mint that way. I`m borrowing ten grand to go back to school this year, and then I`m off. Hopefully Gordon and Tony will wave me off from Heathrow :D

    I worked a while at the Benefits Agency, and your case does sound strange, if only you were Somali or Pakistani eh?
  7. Nothing's changed much. I returned to the Madness (Civvy Street) 18 years ago now. In order to get council housing I had to be declared homeless! My wife was informed that they were sorry it was taking a bit of time... but of course if she was well sun tanned with a larger family it would have been fast tracked!!! ... Never in writing of course.

    Take the advice buddy ... gather together ALL the cash etc you can and get out of what is turning into the world's dumping ground and skiver's heaven!!!
  8. Yesterday, I arrived home to see that my wheelie bin had been filled with someone elses rubbish.

    I used to get free parking outside my house a couple of months ago until the Local Council decided to introduce parking meters in an area that was really just a teeny weeny village.

    One of my friends got her house broken into at the weekend and had everything stolen passports, television, laptops the lot. Tap tapping the Police have still not even popped their little heads in and it's now Friday.

    Anyway back to my original reason for posting. On telephoning my Council to say about the rubbish I was greeted by a sarcastic twot with a name which sounded like Mr. Piddles got absolutely nowhere so went outside acted like a mad woman and threw all the rubbish out of the bin and left it all over the public footpath. Having threatened this to Mr. Piddles I was informed that if I actually did this I could be fined... bring it on.

    I am today thinking of moving abroad as far as I am concerned let the immigrants have this hole. Great Britain - Hate Britain more like.. :evil: