Any recommendations ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by **CuNnInG StUnT **, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone recommend any books to read which give a realistic portrayal of the life as a platoon commander ?

    Much obliged !
  2. Maybe try 'The Junior Officer's Reading Club' by Patrick Hennessey
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  3. Yeah read that one , not a bad read at all ! Also read 'faces of war' and 'bugles and a tiger'... Looking for something recent and exciting !
  4. How about SAS Autobiographies? I'm just reading it now and it's pretty good but has nothing in it to do with being a platoon commander if that's just what you're looking for.
  5. Callsign Hades is probably the best one I have read.
  6. I'd agree with siz87 callsign hades, though i've never been a platoon commander so it might be a bag of arrse. I've been a platoon sgt and from my experience the bloke in question does a decent job of motivating his blokes and keeping up moral.
  7. Try "Ears For Souvenirs - Baldwin, my part in his downfall" by Yusuf Salah ad-Din.
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  8. I've heard pretty strong reviews about 'call sign hades' , I'll get that one next ! 'ears for souvenirs' also sounds like a pretty compelling read .

    Reading ranulph fiennes's autobiography 'mad bad and dangerous ' at the moment . Well worth a read if you happen to see it on the shelf !
  9. Not a book, but try watching "A Serbian Film" Great portrayal of the "Balkan Conflict". You will be enlightened.
  10. "Carry on up the Kyber" is really good!
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  11. 'Nine Lives' by Alan Deere - his account of his time as a Spitfire pilot from '39-45.
    Amazing scrapes he survived somehow.

    Obviously - a bit removed from infantry work! But as an example of mental fortitude and grit, its excellent.
  12. I quite enjoyed "Extreme Risk" by Major Chris Hunter.... he discusses his time at Sandhurst, his time as a platoon commander and then he moves into EOD so discusses all the tests involved, the boredom, the excitement etc...

    Ive just read that you wanted a realistic portrayal... this might not be the book... but its pretty interesting none the less...
  13. platoon commander! aim high... Mein Kampf!
  14. 'Bullet Magnet' by Mick Flynn is a pretty good read, really interesting to hear war stories from a guy who's served in both the Falklands and Afghanistan.
  15. I met him prior to going into MQ in 2006. The lads from HCR loved man!