Any recommendations for a decent watch?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by alloydog, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. My boy is doing his national service (OK, so he's not in this army...), and he's been told he needs a watch. Sounds simple enough, but I want him to have something that won't break on the first exercise, but won't break the bank either. Oh yeah, and it has to be able to work in continued below-zero temperatures.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Try a Casio child's watch, something bog simple with a black face and luminous analogue style dial. He will not need a time bezel. It should be cheap, and they used to have a failure rate of 1 in 200, which is not bad. It should not cost you more than £30, so if it gets lost, broken or stolen then it is no big deal. As for cold weather, if the watch is worn next to the body, this is not a problem.

    By the way, there is the old army adage "if you need it, they give it to you." That no longer applies in the British Army of course (stab twist kick), but it might apply to your son's mob.
  3. Yes|+Traser+H3+P5900+Type+3+Watch+-+Rubber+Strap.htm
  4. Thanks Gents, I'll look at both those suggestions.

    I know it sounded a dumb question, and there are a few obvious things, like nothing under a fiver with Mickey Mouse on, or grand-plus Breitling, but just thought I'd ask for some sound advice.

    bullet_catcher - Here, they get given the essentials, like guns, (some) ammo and a nice furry hat... But there are a few add-ons, like watches, that you have get your own.

    They even give free hair-cuts. But the style is limited to No2, No2, or, if sir if feeling risque, a No2.

  5. The Traser is overpriced & no better than a brand new G10 watch on ebay £40,
    or a very good Casio G Shock.

    Both watches are hard wearing & every bit as good as a Traser & more reliable than a Rolex!!!

    Of course, there are loads of good watches, but you haven't mentioned what your price limit is. That would help.
  6. Any cheap watch with basic functions will do. I have a 17 year old Casio Triathlon watch that I have worn on exercises since the early 90s, including throughout Sandhurst. It has time and date (both very useful), plus a stopwatch and a light. Illumination is important I think; mine has 'indiglow', very nice.
  7. I guess a price limit would have helped... I guess 75 to 80 quid.
  9. For that money get a G-Shock. It'll last and if you get the solar one it'll never need batteries. They really are tough as old boots.
  10. bought a watch in Iraq, needed the strap adjusting my sis took it to the jewellers. She came home sans watch, where is it I ask, "oh they have sent it off to be adjusted".

    "where I ask?"

    "Tag heur"

    "Its a fake!"

    "ehr no its real"

    So I ring the jewellers telling them its a fake, " Sir it is a real tag heur and very expensive"

    "how expensive?"

    " Couple of grand Sir"

    I had been involved in getting a market trader out of a fix as he was about to be bumped off, so he sold me this watch for about 10 dollars. Did nt realise it was real. I think it was his way of thanking me. Tag Heur Carrera Carbon Fibre Inlay with Ayrton Senna on it"

    Safe to say its locked up now what a prof.
  11. Stop being such a boring cnut for fcuk sake!!! :)

    The bloke has only just joined the site & wouldn't have known about the other threads!
  13. Have to agree about g-shock, maybe not usefull for your lad but bought a solar g-shock in the px in KAF and cant fault it, tough as fcuk with a good strap that isnt uncomfortable when sweaty and gopping