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Any recommandation for books on the Special Operations Executive ?

It's all in the title...which ones would you recommend on the mass of books available on the subject ? Any book by MRD Foot to start with ?

Thank you...


Book Reviewer
It's all in the title...which ones would you recommend on the mass of books available on the subject ? Any book by MRD Foot to start with ?

Thank you...

Norwegian Resistance: 1940-1945

Tore Gjelsvik
Excellant book and very informative, tells you more about SOE ops on the ground than many other so called SOE disclosure titles.
"A Quiet Courage" by Liane Jones
"Women who lived for danger" by Marcus Binney

FANY (PRVC) - Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps - Bibliography any off this list
"My war in SOE" by Harry Verlander
"Secret Agent" by David Stafford
"Gubbins and SOE" by Peter Wilkinson and Joan Bright Astley
"Churchill's Secret Agent" by Josephine Butler

is there a particular area you are interested in?
Thank you all for your suggestions.

To answer your question, yes, I would be more interested by the Op carried out in France (F and RF sections).

For those who are interested in SOE history, a French publishing company has started a series of books on SOE equipment. The first was released last year (radio equipment) and the next should be coming out pretty soon I reckon.



Book Reviewer
I think its now out of print, but 'Resistance: European Resistance to Nazism:- 1940-1945' by MRD Foot is a good read. It covers techniques, personalities and results.

A Life in Secrets: Vera Atkins and the Missing Agents of WWII
by Sarah Helm

Turncoat: The Strange Case of British Sergeant Harold Cole, the Worst Traitor of the War
by Brendan Murphy
Probably not what you're looking for but if you want a good read about some amazing men (Norwegian and sort of attached to SOE) then read 'The Shetland Bus' by David Howarth.

Leif Larsen was one of the skippers on the Shetland Bus operations and ended up as the most highly decorated allied naval officer of WW2 (DSO, DSC, CGM, DSM & Bar plus Norwegian gallantry medals)

Leif Larsen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MI9: by the late Professor MRD Foot & J M Langley

The Women Who Lived For Danger : Marcus Binney

Sabotage and Subversion : The SOE And OSS At War : Ian Dear
"Churchill's Secret Agent" by Josephine Butler really good
You might want to check this out:

Book Review: Moving tribute to war heroes exposes 'spy' BOOK REVIEWS. - Free Online Library

Seems she was a walt who did time (post-war) for fraud. More here on, both on Butler and the subject of Counterfeit Spies in general, a review of Nigel West's book called just that. I've read it and any interested in WW2 espionage should too:

I recently read a book by Harry Verlander called I think 'My war in SOE' all about his experiences in training, France and Burma. Good read, he goes into a fair amount of detail about equipment and the dynamics between Americans, French, Brits etc in SOE which I found really interesting. Also pretty much an entire chapter on how shit the tommy gun was. SMLE all the way!