any questions for phase 1

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by madtaff, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. right chaps, i've just finished phase 1 at pirbright, so im starting this thread for anyone who is about to start phase one there to ask (sensible) questions. :)
  2. LOL, Disco and The_Iron are going to love you! Even more if you have some amazing stories about how you only had a 16min 1.5 mile time and came top of your intake...magic :)
  3. Is there anything fitness wise you didnt do prior to training that you now wished you had?

    Was it at all enjoyable, or just a means to an end?
  4. Did you get issued MTP?
  5. yeah, we got issued MTP, Fitness wise, plenty of long runs and hill sprints should sort you out for the running side of things and work on your cardio too, you'll do plenty of strength and conditioning and endurance runs at first and later on you'll do tabs and assault courses but if you work on endurence runs and cardio/hill sprints then you should be ok, as for finnishing top of my intake (consisting of 3 troops) the person with the fastest run time had a 7:10 mile and a half, and it was not me, no issues with admiting that. and no it was not all enjoyable, there were some shit time, and also some very good times, you just have to take the good times and work through the bad.
  6. When did you get paid?
  7. How shit does it get?
  8. you get paid on the last working day of every month (you will have a brief when you arrive about pay and entitlements etc) and it can get very shit, everyone has different breaking points and ways of handling stress, some people go and sit in the toilets and cry, and then carry on and others talk to the section about it, i cant say how shit you would find it because it may well be different for you, but all i can say is that if you have a shit day or a few bad moments, dont quit just stick in there.
  9. so which corps/regiment will be lucky to be getting such a top soldier as you trigger?
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  10. Appreciate the answers, one last question if you dont mind - How many people quit from your intake?
  11. we were an intake consisting of 3 troops (so a big one) umm i cant say for the other troops, but my troop lost 8, one of which was ufased (unfit for army service) 2 were medicaly discharged and the rest just quit
  12. Was crying acceptable? Did they get the crap taken out of them forever about ti?
  13. Unsuited to.

    Not unfit, thats means something else.
  14. Can you show your directing staff a red card if they get a bit shouty?
  15. Does the red card deflect punches?
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