Any questions about basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Shenda, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. I am currently 11 weeks into basic training, if you have any questions about basic training I will try to answer them for you... I remember before I came here I had a million questions!!
  2. How long did it take you to settle in and get to know people?
    Do you have regular free time to make phone calls, use internet etc?
    Did you get to go home during these 11 weeks and if so how long for and what week?
    Are you enjoying it? :D

    thanks Sammyw.
  3. It doesnt take long to settle in, remember you are all in the same boat and will all be nervous at the beginning but give it a week and you will be so busy you will have no time to be worried about settling in, it will of already happened!
    After a few weeks you will find you get more time in the evenings and possibly weekends, most of this time is usually spent eating junk food from the naafi or ironing your kit!, You can use the internet and your phones evenings and weekends, just leave it in your locker through the day, you really dont want to get caught using your phone or may find yourself participating in some 'additional training activities.'
    At week 6/7 you will have your drill test on the parade square and providing you pass this you will be allowed home from a thursday afternoon until sunday evening. Its not difficult, I have only known 3 people to fail and they will give you an immediate re-test which everyone passes.
    I am absolutely enjoying it, its kind of like school in a way, early mornings will become normal, as will doing as your told all the time! It will be those that you train with that will make all the difference, the friendships I have made in just 11 weeks are some of the best ive ever had. Just keep focused and your head down and you will be fine!
    Hope this helps
  4. firstly I have to say congrats on getting this far....not long before you are all done!!

    I have a couple of questions.

    1.what is the level of fitness/strength of most recruits when they start?

    2. With the fitness test you have to do in the first week (1.5 mile run under 10:30) if you are slower what happens?

    3. What is the hardest part so far? phys? Lessons? etc

    4. What was the biggest shock you had to adjust to and what was much easyier than you thoght it would be?

    Cheers for that
  5. Hello Woozieuk,
    You may be pleased to know at the start of basic, the majority of people are pretty unfit, there is such a wide range of people you will be training with that its hard to give a clear answer. A lot of people seem to have done no phys whatsoever before arriving at basic so if you are already training now, good stuff keep it going, if not dont worry too much but try and get into it asap!
    The fitness test in the first week is not really a test! Its just to note down your curent run time, its nothing but a 1.5 mile run, no sit ups/press up etc, they just note it down and compare it to another run half way and one at the end. Its to see if you are improving or getting worse. You cannot fail this. Its not a test.
    The hardest part so far is staying awake in lessons, when you have been getting ragged left right and centre all day long and you then get showered, changed into clean warm clothes and sat in a heated room for an hour or so, listening to someone talking to you about health and saftey, it can become extremely tempting to kick back and zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
    I would advise not to, punishment is a favourite for all NCO's, dont give them an excuse to do it, if you start slipping, stand up at the side of the room, everyone does it, almost half your troop even.
    Its a lot easier than i thought it would be, its kind of like school. I guess the biggest shock would be finding the people that I started training with I couldnt stand at first and found many things irritating, however over the past 11 weeks I have found that these people become part of you and you find thier habits funny and you will share everything with them.
    If you are up for making some new mates, having a laugh and getting a good career, you have made the right decision. You will enjoy basic after the first two weeks have passed. everyone wants to leave at this time but you cant, only after 2 weeks can you DAOR, and get out.
    If you have any more questions... fire away..
  6. ha ha, Why thankyou.... I'm female.... :)
  7. hey thanks for the quick reply!

    rae you based up in Pirbright? Yeah i am training hard but i want to be as fit as possible by the time i start in January.

    What is the average age of the recruits ( i ask because Iam 26!) Could you run through why you think most people drop out and what makes people give in?

    any tips or advice you would have wanted to know before you went that yo can pass on to us?
  8. Try doing it when you're 45! Ok so I'm talking Reserves here, so it's chalk and cheese. Brilliant friendships, for sure and you get fitter pretty quickly. One thing that springs to mind; you can worry too much about what might happen next day and the next and lose sleep over it.

    Do it a day at a time and remember to eat well. Bear in mind, too, that the instructors want you to pass and will do the best to make sure that you do. If you cock something up, they'll spot it and, within reason, make sure that you get it right next time.

    I'm sure they're not as tolerant of crap drills on the range, though.

    Good luck,

  9. what happens if you are ill during basic? im only asking as ive been training everyday fro a few weeks, and now im feeling ill, i found it really difficult to train. if you come down with flu or something not to major what do they make you do?

    cheers dan
  10. You can be bedded down for a number of days. This can have an effect on your training, if you miss too much you run the risk of being back squadded. A 24/48hr bug shouldnt hold you back but it will be down to you to get yourself back on track soonest.

    You will see some who go continually sick, usually around PFT time, they dont last long before they become admin problems too.

    Also getting bedded down in training means your gated so no "ooh its the weekend, I feel better, fancy a pint?".

    Sor strains and injuries you go on to light duties, which means you can continue to train in certain subjects but same rules apply as above.
  11. What have you generally found yourself doing on base at the weekends?
  12. Out of all the things you took to basic when you first start what do you wish you brought along or brought more of?
  13. Has anyone got bad injurys yet?

    What parts to basic are best to look out for? (the really long and hard bits!)

    Were are you training?

    What are you planning on doing as a job?

    Thanks lass :)
  14. Hardest part of basic for me (TA) was remembering all what I was taught in the lessons, and I was very nervous for my weapons handling test.

    Going regular in 9 months and hoping the 14 weeks will be alittle less rushed than TA's 6 weekends & 2 weeks basic.
  15. I too have moved from TA to regular, the homo thing is tho is that you have to re-do your medical questioraire even tho they require the one from the TA too, what do they think we have contracted AIDS or something?????!!!! :oops: