Discussion in 'RLC' started by leeanne, Feb 11, 2002.

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  1. I really can't think of anything at all to put my Corps down!

    But I take it that some of you out there can.

    So come on..................Give it your best!!!! ;)
  2. Erm.. hmm..

    You're all a bunch of bums!! ?

    Hm.. no.. uh.. You've got 'log' in your name!! hahaha.. hmm.  ::)
  3. Then why do you go out of your ever so high up range to answer to all my posts Davros?

    Admit it - You know i'm not a bum, you love me really!!! :-X
  4. Hey.. you got me!  But your post looked lonely there!
  5. Only because nobody can find anything wrong with the RLC!!!! :p
  6. Either that or they are too scared that they will find something in their sandwiches! ;)
  7. Well, where I am, there are lots of them and they seem hell-bent on making out that they are the fittest, the hardest, the most professional, the most highly starched and most highly decorated fighting force in the army.  I've never seen so many parades!  Jeez, you are just logistic troops so whats with the competitive thing?  We are certainly not impressed although it is amusing watching you doing yet another Friday afternoon CFT, yep, that'll cheer the soldiers up!.  Must be an inferiority complex 'cos you lost your identity... can't explain it any other way.  I have posted elsewhere on the subject of the **** control freaks in the mess and guess what.... they are all loggies....  All back-stabbing and out-starching each other to get a more influential bit of pie...... My lot are professional too but with much less fuss....   Chill loggies :)  
  8. Well, the plan has obviously worked - Even though you say that no-one is interested in what we do - You still noticed!  At least our Corps are making an Army out of themselves.........What's wrong with Friday arternoon CFT's??  We still manage to knock off about 1400hrs, and it keeps us fit! Not trying to put you down here, just simply trying to say that if the Corps wants to keep up thier reputation by competing Commando - Then that's not a bad thing at all, is it?  In fact, I'm pretty chuffed that they're nothing like the AGC, would'nt you agree, Eligius??? ;D
  9. I mean this seriously and not as a slag off,RLC have it easiest in basic training,compared to the other corps,no bulled toecaps,not as much PT and a bit of an easier life,also.... they don't have to carry as much as us on a CFT, can anyone justify that?? everyone should carry the same weight regardless of the corps ;),and thats in the regiment not basic training,unless its changed
  10. Did my basic training with Artillery in ATR Pirbright (59 Asten Bty) if I remember correctly.............I was the only RLC person joined to it, I wont lie, they seemed to enjoy making a big deal out of little things that need'nt be bothered with!  As far as I was concerned, the training was no different to any other Sqn/Bty/Coy in the camp, we all had to pass the same tests and BFT/BFPA's/excercises/drills to the same standard as all the other squads! Also, I do'nt know where you got the carrying heavier CFT/BCFT weight from...........You carry exactly the same weight as we do, as far as I was concerned it was only the Engineers, Paras, Commando's and Infantry that carried a heavier weight!  Do'nt know who told you that sh*te, but tell them to get it right before galloping ahead!! ;D ;D
    Not being nasty, just disagreeing with the post.... ;)
  11. It must just be the AGC women that only have to carry 22 pounds then!!!!!, ;D
  12. Naaa, gonna disagree with you there aswell........As much as I hate some of the lazy bast*rds, they do carry the same weight as we also..............Thats when their doing PT!!!! Hehe :eek:
  13. LOL  ;D,it must just be our regiment that does that then,they always carry lighter than us,and yes they are lazy bas****s,but thats usual too!! ::)
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Back in my regiment its the same thing.  The RLC only get bad press from a lot of "Wrong capbadge, not a team player" attitude.  They do carry less weight from the rest of us on most occasions, but thats just because they dont have too.  Shame some muppets give a corps a badname.  Probably a lot different in an actual RLC regiment.   maybe?
  15. Believe me, as someone said on the post above, they are getting a bit out of hand with thier PT regieme's.......I've never known an RLC Regiment to do nearly half as much as we have, I do'nt mind it, cause at the end of the day it keeps us fit......but you just end up loosing total interest when thier doing it at 5 o'clock in the morning!!! Is'nt there more to life????????????? ;D