Any Power Point Ninjas out there? Embedding Videos Question!

Evening all - l will cut to the chase, l'm after help / advice (or both) on embedding videos for a Powerpoint presentation that l am delivering to the Regiment this Friday.

I have downloaded various videos from YouTube using a freeware Youtube downlader, when checked the videos play fine in MP4 format using Windows Media Player.

Once l have embedded the video into a powerpoint slide however, the video starts to lose quality and 'pixalate' mid way through. Sound is unaffected, and the videos are approx 1 minute long each.

Anyone have any experience on something similar, or offer advice on how to solve / rectify the issue?

I am using Windows 7 and the Powerpoint is Office 2007.

Many thanks in advance! MF
Cancel my last, l would appear to have sussed it!

Convert MP4 video to Windows Media Audio / video file appears to have done the trick.

My Youtube freeware downloader had a convenient little feature built in.
Are you going to project it from your computer, or use someone else's?
Are you going to project it from your computer, or use someone else's?
At the moment, the plan is to hook my laptop up to the cinema display system.

If not, it will be burn the whole sodding lot onto CD c/w videos....l've been down that route before!
Then just hope they have Powerpoint 2007 and a fast enough PC :)
Just make sure the Powerpoint and video are in the same folder and then create a hyperlink from an object in your presentation to the video. Microsoft have some quite handy filmstrip clipart which you can use as the object. Just select it and right click and you will see the 'link' option at the bottom. Video format isn't that critical provided your machine can run it.
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