Any Potential Problem?

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your on-line application to join the British Army.

Upon standard investigation procedures we have found that you have previously shown interest in joining the British Armed Forces. Due to this previous show of interest we cannot process your application.

ahhhhh, I know i will be told to get to the AFCO ASAP and believe me I will but can't go until Friday earliest but even that'll be lucky.

Just wondering why this is the case as the only stage of appliying I got up to was the BARB and KEY Skills, and the reason I ended it was because the medical ha taken 5 months and by that time I was back at school and decided to carry with education.

I'm hoping nothing big will be made out of this but will it in any way hinder or extend the application proccess?

Thanx in advance
Did you tell the Careers office/recruiter you were with last time that you were'nt continuing your application, or did you just end it?

I phoned up, and so maybe the message wasn't passed on.
Anywas I did manage to get up there today after all and it turns out that they still have my application from last time (even though it was a year ago) but I still need to send the medical forms of and do interviews and BARB again.
Set a date for my BARB test while I was there so i'm up and running again.
Thanx for the reply
No problem, good luck! hopefully you wont encounter any more problems!

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