Any potential bidders here ? :P Budding Oxbridge student auctions her cherry

She's keeping it secret from her parents.

I wonder if her dad is keeping it secret that he knows in fear that his wife will find out what he's watching on the internet at 2am.

And if her dad does know, will he be bidding in order to save her from some stranger?

And if he wins the bid, how will he prove his good intentions and not be accused of wanting to shag his daughter?


The only thing I can imagine worse than a crap shag, is paying for a crap shag.

Have a wank instead - it's always better to do it with someone(thing) that loves you back. Then spend the money on beer as a reward afterwards.
She looks proper mental to me. :omg: The pole dancer's shoes though are a nice touch. :drool: That is definitely danger fcuk material and you don't want to give out any personal details if you do her that might enable her to track you down. ;-)

Mental 1.jpg
Anyone bone enough to wear suspenders with holdups ain't getting a single one of my manly four inches.
I think it shows a generous nature. I had a bird who wore hold ups and would ‘t Upgrade to full webbing for love nor money