Any positives from the EU?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by angular, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. This one's not an April fool (I don't think :? ).

    We've recently had another re-run of the great EU debate. You know, the old questions: it's corrupt/but so are all politicians; it's kept us safe/what about NATO and the British Army; you're just xenophobic/can't you tell the difference between Europe and the EU; it costs us a fortune for no benefits/it's only a tiny part of our total GDP.

    So, can anyone from the UK point to specific examples of great things that COULD NOT have happened without our membership of the EU? A quick drive along a Spanish motorway doesn't count :wink:
  2. I think you're on a hiding to nothing here squire.

    EU & good don't go in the same sentence.
  3. The EU provided a massive boost to the UK's gene pool by uber foxy Poles, Lats, Czechs and other assorted Eastern European babes, who have easily captured many of my mates. Forcing them (well hardly forced) to foresake chip fed native females with their triple chins, truck driver body shapes and 'I'm a princess and your a cnut' attitudes. All these new marriages have produced children YET the East European Wife still makes sure the blokes tea is ready on time and the fridge is filled with his favourites!
  4. Well that's one in the plus column!! Pity Mrs. Angular doesn't approve of my research in this field...
  5. On the business front, they've forced mobile phone companies to scrap roaming charges and Microsoft to stop distorting the software market. I doubt UK on its own would have been able to achieve that.

    Before you come out with "That could have been done by a trade alliance", a) it wasn't and b) try running the same rule over the British Empire.
  6. Er, lots and lots of free trade COULD NOT have happened without the EU, angular...

    The EU development fund pays for quite a few infrastructure projects (new roads and the like) that Downing Street wouldn't cough up for. British Rail managed to get the EU to pay for the electrification of the East Coast Mainline and then privatised it...

    The list is actually very long - speak to a proper economist if you're really interested...
  7. What I'm interested in is things that affect individuals. Where I live I never see a sign that says, "This exists because of the EU".

    Maybe that's because I live in the South East. Maybe it's because all the money goes to hotter, poorer places.

    The debate on whether the EU is a good thing is much less mainstream elsewhere in Europe, I think because people know it's good for them. In the UK that's not so clear. Either there are lots of exciting things going on that get no publicity, or...
  8. There are no positives from the eu, since we only get back about a quarter of the money we pay in, many more roads, hospitals etc; could have been built if we were not paying in.

    In regards to trade, europe sell us many more products than we sell to them, we would only have to hint at a block on european imports and they would keep their borders open to our products.

    Also the europhiles count everything that leaves our shores for europe as trade with europe, it is not! A lot of our trade actually goes to europort for onward shipping to the rest of the world, yet the europhiles count this as trade with europe!

    As to standing up to microsoft et al, if we had polititians with a backbone there would be no problem standing up to anyone.
  9. Up 'ere in Up North-land (where it's grim), we do get quite a bit of EU money for urban regeneration projects, but even though the money's European it's run by the British so far fewer grants if you're working, but if you're on benefits you can virtually have 'your' house rebuilt. :roll:
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    ER, money that would have been in the nations coffers in order to get it done . . . . had it not been given to the EU. That's like giving your mum your pocket money from dad (the taxpayer), so that she can buy your sweets for you, and she keeps some back for your siblings. An unnecessary link in the chain between the UK taxpayer and what he expects for his money.

    I don't think that the UK does any more business in Europe after this process, unless you count the number of UK businesses that have been bought by European companies that now do business, er, in the UK - BAA being one.

    I totally agree on the hot tottie front - that's a clear benefit.
  11. That's a good point. Historically it's conquering armies who provide the gene pool service. It's a feather in the EU's cap to have driven the process without bloodshed. I've also noticed how capable, pleasant, hard-working, non-cynical and generally normal many of the new immigrants are, both male and female. Sure, there's pressure within the UK housing and low skill labour markets, but I keep meeting Poles with engineering degrees or nursing qualifications who spend six months in JD Wetherspoon then move to better things. How they must laugh at the lazy Brits when they’re alone together. It's decent of them not to do it to our faces. So they’ve good manners too. It helps they're white. Imagine the brouhaha if a million blacks arrived or, God forbid, Muslims. Whatever would the Daily Mail say?!

    Another EU benefit: the army of Brits on the Costas drawing their state pensions and incapacity benefits, refusing to learn Spanish, refusing to integrate, stuffing their bright red faces with egg & chips as opposed to "that dago muck" extolling the virtues of the Kray twins, complaining about "immigrants" clogging up the Spanish health care system, causing house price inflation so locals can't buy, and generally being bad ambassadors for Britain. None of that would be possible without the EU.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Do you know Annakey - I have to agree. Our effluent has taken some of itself to the EU, and long may it remain there, whilst the good eggs have come here (Sangatte notwithstanding, but they aren't Europeans anyway).

    I honestly don't think that Spain actually suffers from the experience. They needed a bit of culture, even if it's a bad British export. And don't tell me that they haven't made billions out of UK holiday makers, or just as much from wiping out the fish in the North Sea, because I know they have.

    Of course, there's also the billions they get in handouts from er, the UK EU contribution - check it out, I think you'll find they MAKE money from the EU, unlike the UK.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Just to confirm - 93 BILLION Euros contributed to Spanish coffers since 1973 - Spain has been THE largest net recipient of EU aid since the outset.

    What price a few thousand British chavs and crims when compared to that sort of filthy lucre eh?

    The Kray twins had nothing on the Great Spanish Robbery.
  14. Forgive me, I may have recounted this story before (I'm getting old and forget my own anecdotes) but I was in a pub a while back, filled with Poles of both generations (WW2 and new immigrants). One of the younger ones got in a row with a "f*** off back to Poland" racist.

    One of the WW2 ones, with a beard you could stuff a mattress with, got up and LAID INTO him. Called him every name under the sun, poked his finger at him, sprayed him with spittle, offered him outside and ended up yelling about Polish 303 Squadron.

    "How dare you criticise Polish people? You're not fit to kiss our boots. Our young men defended Britain before you were born. We were the bravest pilots in the Battle of Britain. We helped you in your hour of need. Don't you dare tell my friend here to "f*** off back to Poland. YOU F*** OFF TO NAZI GERMANY!!"

    It was brilliant. The whole pub cheered. Alf Garnett slunk out into the night.

    No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron