Any POMs?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Dizzee367, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Just looking at what trades Im intrested in. I've got a few in mind but one that I'm thinking of becoming is a planty. Yes thats right, King of the pies. Are there any plantys here that could give me an insight as to what you get up to on and off Ops. What do you do when your not racing around in big diggers (and eating pies :p ), Do you get to do alot of combat engineering or get yourself into any combat situations?


    I would appreciate it if you kept the word "pie" to a minimum, but Ive got a feeling Im going to be dissapointed. :p
  2. They don't like getting out of their cabs except at Naffi break.
  3. Only when someone buys up all the pies in the NAAFI before them. :roll: :D

  4. Pie eating and euchre

    Must be a planty

    I can't read and i can't rite
    but that don't really maater
    Cause i'm in supoort roop
    An I can drive a trackter

  5. Sent down by God himself to shape this planet. Planty's are his chosen ones, you don't become a planty, you are born one.

    Having a natural skill for eating Ginsters pasties and playing a mean lone hand at euchre helps too.
  6. POM is one of the best trades in the Corps (despite ALC). As well as getting yout C+E (one of the main reasons I retraded) you are battlegroup assett. Knockers get posted into a field troop where they get looked after by a LCpl and a Cpl. As a Class 2 POM you can and will get detached to other troops/squadrons/regiments. If you want instant responsiblilty POM is the one for you. YOU are responsible for your piece of plant, knockers may be responsible for a spanner if they are lucky. You will be a very popular bloke with the infantry when you turn up to dig them in. You do get involved in combat engineering as well. A couple of years ago on a bridge demolition site the only class one combat engineers on site were a driver and me, a class 2 POM, despite a section of combat engineers being on site!
    Long term wise POM is a great choice for options. As a POM you have the following choices as to where your career goes:
    POM/G4 (stores etc)
    Military Plant Foreman
    Clerk of Works (Construction)
    Clerk of Works (Mechanical)

    There aren't many trades around now that give you that many choices.
  7. No arguments on the best trade bit, but are you sure that CoW(M) is normally available to POMs
  8. they can certainly apply, i know a mud-muppet that did.
  9. I know they can apply, and indeed pass, the M course :wink: I know of 1 other, but in both cases it was the ME(WellDriller) qual that counted as the technical trade required. I don't know of any non WD planties who have done it but I will stand corrected if I'm wrong.
  10. Got to say that we had a Sp Tp full of planties working for us in Belize and they were absolutely fantastic value: extremely hard working and, I have to say, completely unappreciated by their chain of command.

    But not by us - cheers fellas!
  11. what did he do :?: :?: :?: :?:

    stand there saying "the rigs broke again" ,as per normal :x :wink: :x :wink:

    followed by "can't utilites do it for us" ,as per normal. :x :x :x :x
  12. You must have met a different team, my 3 and a half years there were the hardest working of my career so far, by a long way the best times though, my liver is still recovering! :lol:
  13. where the feck have you been hiding, if you think they work hard.
  14. Planty CoW(M)'s?

    Bloody hell!
  15. are you not an M planty??

    blodders that is!