Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by CPLBBT, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Come on then any views here. After having a ROYAL SIGNALS WING brief (or whatever MCM DIV is calling themsevles now) saying that yet again the R Sig Elec trade is still being looked into. How many years have we heard that going on for. Not only that but there is a possibility that when line's and storemen join forces they will be going on to the high pay band as well, leaving us lowly ED's down the bottom end of the pay scale. Why not just dispand the EDs from the Signals and put in either the RE Elec's or the REME.

  2. I agree to a certain extent.

    They have been saying for years that the trade is being looking into, the most recent being an amalgamation with the Ist Tech.

    Whilst I am not in the loop with why it didn't happen, I have heard different rumours that a) It was not cost effective (ie, too expensive) and b) It wasn't time effective (ie, it would take too long).

    You have a number of choices as I see it:

    Re-Trade within the Corps.
    Consontrate on getting as many quals as you can within the trade, 17th Edition etc.
    Try and be employed within the Trg Wg/RD roster ASAP.
    Or sign off.

    That last comment is not there to say 'chin up' and crack on, it is a reality if any the other above options don't suit.

    I love my trade and hate to see the way it is going, but unfortunatly we all have to move with the times and equipment given to @play with'.

    Hope this helps.

    PS, they have been saying we were going to get @tech pay' since I joined, glad I didnt hold my breath :wink:
  3. As a fully paid up member of the liney crew, i cannot see this happening, how can they justify giving us higher pay band as neither trade are on higher pay band at present!

    i can personally see this ammalgamation as a mistake, time may prove me wrong. This new trade group may see a soldier go to one unit as a liney or MT driver for 3 years and then posted to another unit as a storeman. It may be a case of us old and bold not seeing it as a good thing and not liking change, but change we must.

    One good thing to come out of this, the MT stores wont need cuffing on board of officers anymore, as we'll be all stores trained.

    Sorry i hijacked your post there a little, another option could be.... become a liney/storeman or whatever we will be next year.

    Yea ha!!!!!!!!