We've had problems with our downstairs toilet flushing, on and off, for a couple of weeks now. I was having a play yesterday and retired having decided to have a look in the inspection chamber in our front garden today.

Having got home from work I've opened up the chamber and too my horror found waste water only a couple of feet down from the lid. This chamber flows the waste from the downstairs toilets of four houses.

I then looked in the inspection chamber out the back and found the water level to be even higher. This chamber takes the waste from the kitchen and upstairs from the same four houses.

I was prepared to jump in and sort any blockage but as both chambers and not draining the water am I right in assuming that the problem is in the main sewer and should I call Anglian Water?

Anything you can throw at me will be appreciated as I don't want to pay a fortune to Dyno-rod and then deal with the neighbours.

Cheers in advance Arrser's.
Sounds like the blockage is in a line running from your 4 houses into the main sewer if the inspection chamber is in your garden. I assume the other 3 houses are up stream and the lines go under the gardens before joining the main sewer under an adjacent road. I am no expert but I think Anglian water would only be responsible for a blockage after the join into the main sewer. It does seem strange though that line at the back and frount of the house became blocked at the same time,are they interconnected?

If all else fails it could make a nourishing soup

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