Any plumbers? Hot water issue

Discussion in 'DIY' started by BrunoNoMedals, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I've got an Ideal HE24, admittedly-shit and probably getting on for 10-15 years old unless it was replaced since the house was built. It was serviced roughly a year ago and the lad replaced basically every major component (definitely got the most out of my £200-all-in repair job). I know it's a poor boiler but I can't afford a new one right now.

    Anyway, about a week ago the hot water started going intermittently cold - usually felt in the shower but also noticeable trying to fill a bowl to do some washing up. I noticed the water pressure had dropped to zero so refilled the system up to a little over 1Bar. Some improvement was noticed but not back to normal, and after a couple of days I noticed the pressure had dropped to ~0.8Bar. I filled it up to 1.5 and it's been stable for a few days, but the water is still running cold quite often.

    I've done a couple of tests. Firstly the hot water stays consistent when the tap is half-open, but starts messing about at higher flow-rates. Second, the hot water will drop considerably in flow rate when the cold tap is turned on. This is only noticeable in the upstairs sink which has the only set of separate taps in the house. I've no idea if this second point is related to the current issues or if it's always done it, but I can't say I've noticed it in the past.

    A swift Google points to divertor valves, rubber diaphragms or simply the ambient temperature of the water coming in. I don't want to drop another £200 into a repair/service if it's simply the ambient temperature of the incoming water that's dropped, but I can't see it being that since it hasn't exactly started snowing in the West Country. Some independent expert advice would be most appreciated before I call in the expensive types!


  2. is the boiler scrappage scheme still going? I would say that getting new boiler would make more economic sense with without the scrappage scheme
  3. Congratulations.... you must have the equivalent of a 35 year- old alsatian.

    Don't spend a penny more on it, get a new boiler.

    I would recommend the Intergas range, only combi's I've fitted for the last 4 years..... simple, reliable and well built.
  4. Not sure if the old scheme is still going but I'd heard they were running it again?
    We got £400 squids back from the boiler scrappage scheme when we replaced our very old 'G' rated boiler for a nice shiny 'A' rated condensing boiler. Saved a packet on heating and hot water too since then.
  5. Been looking at the intergas boilers on that there internet. Confused as to the differences. I'm looking to buy one that will support 9 radiators and hot water for 3 adults. Does that give enough info to recommend one of the range?
  6. Combi's, pfooey!

    I did my plumbing course Leamington Spa, got CORGI and then did a one week combi troubleshooter fixit course at the CITB place in Norfolk. Whilst the law allows non-CORGI's to fix THEIR OWN boilers it is not advisable for a CORGI regd installer to advise - especially on't'web.

    If you are lucky you are probably running at a 60% efficiency on the boiler, and I mean lucky, probably nearer 40%-50%. To help you make the decision to change out to a newer, better boiler translate efficiency to pound notes.........for every quid spent you are getting 40p worth of heat.

    Ideal HE24 Combi Boiler Reviews | Boilers | Review Centre
  7. All that happens with the cashback schemes is that the plumbers/fitters put their prices up accordingly.........seen it, toooooo often.
  8. I usually fit the 28KW, but if you want to go bigger, you can get a 36KW, the water delivery on them is unreal, but the software ensures that the heating is cranked down on fan/ gas- rate so it doesn't burn any more.

    Nothing to do with the company...... just a happy installer.

    The only difference in the whole range is the length of the heat- exchanger, so the service guy comes out with a small attache- case, every part for every boiler (13) and can fix it on the spot.

    Just fitted one in my house and in my mothers'
  9. I think that reply is for me, thanks for the info.
  10. PM me, I can post up on one of the sites, maybe get a good guy in your area, if not you can get in touch with Intergas for a local lad.
  11. Don't listen to these mugs trying to make you buy a new boiler if you can't afford it! I ran my own plumbing and heating business for 6 years before joining the army as an officer (I think i'm the only non grad ex plumber officer around!)

    The ideal HE24 is notorious for the diverter valve going, when you turn the tap on and the water doesn't get hot feel the rad feed pipe (the 22mm copper pipe) if that's getting warm then you know it's the diverter valve! :)

    Alternatively it may be a partially blocked heat exchanger (in which case i suggest you do indeed get a new boiler, i reccomend the Vokera range for top quality budget boilers!)

    Could just be a thermister fault in which case its an easy fix, but as i say common fault is the diverter valve :D
  12. He'd better not have done or I'll have his bloody guts for garters. What with him being a very good mate an' all...
    I plastered some rooms for him as well and laboured for him on the boiler fit.

    But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at what you say.
  13. When I left the Army I went to uni and bought a house that needed "some" (read "loads") work doing. I bought a readers digest DIY manual, some tools and kicked off. I made a right bollox of it, but I made a profit [more by accident than intentionaly] and moved on to another to fix up.

    I got to the stage where Brit Gas were quoting me 5,000 to swap out a 450 boiler and flush the system so I called the local college and asked what was involved in getting CORGI qualified. I spent evenings and days where possible getting qualified and was able to swap out my own boiler after 5 months at college with a bit of advice and some post-fitting inspection by a lecturer.

    But your mate, probably did'nt rip you off. There was a time when condensing boilers first hit the market and there was a 200.00 incentive to fit one.........and to a man all the local plumbers put their prices up by 200.00.

    I'll tuck away that bit of info about you plastering though - you never know, they can't plaster over here in septicland and I'm thinking about building a proppa non-timber frame house in a couple or so years.

    As for being a mug. I made a few bob out of houses and throwing more money at a diffy bit of kit that will need changing sooner rather than later is not a sound economical solution. Most boilers are screwdriver and spanner friendly but its like an old Ford know you can fix it, but you know that realistically you've got to get shot of it.
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  14. My combination boiler is 20 yrs old I pay a service contract and they keep fixing it. Some of the engineers are a bit pushy to try and get me to have a new one, others say I'll not save much on gas. They do get commission someone told me. Whilever it works it stays and I'll spend the money on other things. A neighbour had his replaced and is now on his second replacement. If they work leave them, if they can be fixed, get them fixed.
  15. I have an Ideal Classic which is a around 14 y.o now and never had any problems with the boiler itself although I've had to have the three-port valve, the expansion vessel & the pressure relief valve replaced.

    Every year without fail the man from BG tells me it is now obsolete and they don't carry parts and I should change it. Every year I tell them they've never had the parts since 2000 as the local council bought all the remaining boilers from Ideal along with the spares as it was an 'end of line' product.

    As it happens I have another Classic boiler in my garage for spares, it was only six months old and never used from installation. It was removed from a council property which was being demolished because of a rather brutal murder and nobody wanted to live there & I got it for a few beer tokens, I only wish I'd got the other three from the block too. ;)

    Before anyone says they are uneconomical... it costs around £200 p.a in heating & hot water, as for not being green.... feck 'em.

    For those interested in the scrappage scheme, see;