Any Phase 2 guys / girls at Blandford???

What is your query?

I am not a Phase 2 but I might be able to help.

You'll learn about tabs soon enough :D
Oh dont worry, I've spent 5 years in The Corps already. I'm just going back to Blandford to re-trade.

Want to speak with someone who is actually there right now.
Pingu, are you trying to groom recruits online? I always knew you were a wrong 'un.
definately sounds like your trying to groom the little girls online before you get there .............
novel approach that saves time no doubt, now why didnt i think of this one ................
Pingu, you'll never recreate the glory days of gigging in 225's Sqn bar.
Grooming recruits??? LOL, damn, been caught out already!!! Back to the drawing board!!!

Gigging at 225 ROCKS!!!!!

"Excellent!" *Bill N Ted air guitar thingymajig!!!*
I'm here on course... don't know as I'd go as far as to say training though.
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