Any pc or ps2 gamers in the Forum

Hope this is in the right section.

I was wondering what war games fellow members played and what they thought are the best ones.

I have a PS2 and have completed all the MOH games haven't ventured into pc games so any info on the merit the games would be great as I am just a newbie.


PC War Games: PC is the platform for War Games, can't beat it. Operation Flashpoint is a good choice, shit load of add ons you can download from websites. Ghost Recon another, with lots of add ons as well...Vietcong is a good shooter as well.
Hidden and Dangerous 2 is quite a good tactical shooter with a British feel. The Call of Duty games are what MOH should have been.
Operation Flashpoint is a bit older but really very good for featuring a range of authentic vehicles as well as up to a dozen subordinate troops (get the Bestseller edition for < £10). Flashpoint is more of a simulation in that you have complete freedom of movement over a series of islands rather than being "on rails" like MOH or CoD, in Flashpoint the player is pretty much free to decide for himself how he fulfills his objectives. It is quite hard though on "veteran" mode but then even on "easy" one shot kills are common and maximum use of cover vital. There is also a substantial modding community producing a range of addons including British Army units and a series of missions based on the ULOTC.
I've been playing on PS2
MOH Rising Sun - Not bad.. but not entirely gripping

Call of duty finest hour - good allround game - some very difficult bits caused by crap AI

Killzone - Very nice, easily playable and fantastic effects :D

GTA San Andreas - Ok so whilst not a wargame it's still huge, got in in October and only just completed it really, very well put together and there is almost nothing you can't do in game.
Flashpoint, you can also create your own missions, like have thousands of Zulus running towards you and you have your choice of weapon to .. dismantle them... graphics are a bit twitchy.. cant beat it for add ons and mod though... thousands of them

Flashpoint 2 should be out this or next year.

Also the US army uses or used to use Flashpoint for trainin purposes.

If you want jus a simple good shooter (not military tactical related), Far Cry, Half Life 2, Doom3...
BF 1942 on PC with Desert combat mod is a good onliner as are all the MOHAA. You can't beat the daddy of on-line games for Counterstrike. Get into a decent clan game and waste a week of your life.. :wink:
Try 'Americas Army' its the most realistic game I have ever seen.

It is full of hidden U.S army recruitment and is very 'Hooah' but is still great. You will need a fairly descent computer and Broadband connection to play it.

By the way it is a squad based multiplayer only game, apart from the training missions which are great aswell.
Hi everyone

Thanks for your replies I will check the games you have mentioned, it's really interesting to hear what everyone likes.
At the moment I seem to be better at playing games on my own as I have enough problem trying to make sure I don't get "bumped off" let alone look after a team.

I am playing MGS Snake Eater at the moment and am enjoying that, yet another solo role, but not to worry I guess as I progress I'll get the hang eventually of looking after a team.
I've been playing World War Two Online for nearly 4 years now. Unlike many games this one's average age group is around the 30 mark, in fact there's quite a few forces and ex-forces who play.

Just finished Brothers in Arms on the Xbox pretty good, kept me gripped for a while, very much band of brothers inspired.
There's a PC version of Brothers in Arms that's very good.

A bit heavier but utterly immersive (and British!) is Rome: Total War I have to lend the CD to someone if I want to get any work done.

Half Life II is excellent but not as all-conquering as the original (well worth a tenner is HL I) and Far Cry is absolutely gorgeous although the single player game suffers from ropey indoor sections.
Currently playing Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. Like it, like it alot.
Just finished Half Life 2, loved that one aswell. Have started trying to play the online Counter Strike games.
Love C&C:Red Alert 2. its great you can be british troops and fight the Iraqies or Koreans or Russians. Great.
Deus Ex, Hidden and Dangerous are my all time classic favourites and are still played when I can.
On the PS2.
Just got Brothers in Arms, looks good might get a chance to play it.
Might get around to finishing San Andreas. If you want a game you get for stereotypical mindless violence, San Andreas is for you.

Silent Hill1-4 Visiting hospital has never been the same since playing those 8)

But by far the best thing I watch and play with, is my 2 month old son. :D

I favour Rome: Total War myself. You get to put together an empire at a strategic level interspersed with tactical battles.

I would advise downloading one of the excellent mods that exist as the unmodified game is annoyingly inaccurate from a historical point of view. My current favourite is Rome: Total Realism -
Hi everyone

Firstly congratulations SKJOLD on your two month old son, my kids are grown up now, my son is into PS2 games mainly car games Gran Turismo etc., not a war one in sight.

I bought Deus Ex and Splinter Cell, I kept getting bumped off in Deus Ex and I am not quiet enough in Splinter Cell I am also at the end of MSG snake eater so have been checking out everyone's favourites to see what I shall buy
next my son thinks it is quite funny that his mum likes these types of games.
So any advice I can get on here is just great.

Op Flashpoint...class act although the AA weapons are a bit cack...
I do like the Vulcan though , it's very good in the anti-inf role

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