Any Pathfinders out there.........

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Nice_Guy_Eddie, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Do you have to be a Paratrooper to qualify for a Pathfinder application?

    I serve in a regular Infantry Battalion, and when a guy i used to serve with (he's out now) found out i was interested in the pathfinders, he gave me some old J.I's he had lying around for the P.F cadre he was supposed to attend, as a sort of insight I suppose. Upon reading them I decided earlier this year to apply but was told only 1/2 Para boys could do so. Confusion. Having seen the repeat of 'Pathfinder-Paratroop Elite', my interest in joining the P.F is stonger than ever.

    With no intention of using Elite, or google as the platoon clown suggested, does anyone mind clearing this issue up for me?

  2. No you don't. Pass the cadre first and all para training will come later.
  3. Yes,

    Try sphinx battery with the RA, you might enjoy that more!
  4. I always thought you had to be in the parachute regiment to make it into the pathfinders :?
  5. No actually. It's open to any serving soldier, any arm or Regiment. You also get £9 a day HALO pay once qualified.
  6. There is a big recruitment drive going on to get people to volunteer, I believe it is open to any and all.
  7. How many times? ANYONE can attempt the selection course!
  8. So you don’t have to be Para trained then :wink:
  9. Cheers five alpha I stand corrected, however that is good news now that it is open.

    However there are othe small units that are looking for people, its worth while having a look before committing yourself.

    Good luck and hope you pass
  10. Cheers 5alpha, i was also unaware of the £9 Halo pay, more incentive indeed, if any were needed! RCMO here i come........

    I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks again
  11. Don't bother as I'm seriously not interested. Fcuking hats................
  12. I did make some enquires about other units, but none seemed to inspire me quite like the Pathfinders. I was all set to remain in my own battalion wishing what might have been untill 5alpha squared my dilemma away. Cheers for the good luck wishes mate
  13. Alright, I wont. And my hat might be a different colour to yours, but trust me its been in the same shit as your maroon one. Live with it.
  14. Don't bite already FFS! You haven't even started yet...
  15. Who is it open to again? :)