Any other writers out there?

Hi Folks!

Any other writers of military fiction out there?

I'm a writer myself, and am currently writing a novel.

I feel as though it is important for writers to come together and share their thoughts and ideas. Collaboration is key.

Feel free to PM me if you wish to know more about my novel, as I do not wish to disclose too much on an open forum.

I will however say, that it's a thriller and one to watch out for! ;)


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Hi Folks!

Any other writers of military fiction out there?

I'm a writer myself, and am currently writing a novel.

I feel as though it is important for writers to come together and share their thoughts and ideas. Collaboration is key.

Feel free to PM me if you wish to know more about my novel, as I do not wish to disclose too much on an open forum.

I will however say, that it's a thriller and one to watch out for! ;)
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you could try and get in touch with tropper - he will allready have written yours 20 years ago
Yeah I write military fiction too, it's such a hot subject. Here's a synopsis and extract from my latest work it's called Army Bad Lads. Let me know if you want to swop ideas.

This fictional story charts the ups and downs of 100 recruits training at Yulton-On-Moor Barracks, the first UK training camp to be purpose built in living memory seen through the eyes of Private Ross Hinkly, Corporal Craig Depple, Sergeant Ballum and Staff Sergeant William Chorsford. Over a period of eight weeks the recruits are transformed from total novices into soldiers talented in both the art of warfare and also the art of physical love between men.

...The medical officer was by now sitting behind the table with pen and a large stack of blank forms ready for completion. His assistant stood nearby pulling on latex gloves in a slightly theatrical way, perhaps for the benefit of the nervous lads. The officer pointed to the first recruit in the queue, beckoned him over to stand in front of him and asked him question after question noting each answer down on the form. Seemingly satisfied with the answers given the officer told him to remove his underwear and stand in front of his assistant with his hands behind his back. The poor recruit flushed bright red with embarrassment and stood rooted to the spot not moving a muscle.

Sergeant Nowacsz stepped over and to the surprise of everyone spoke quietly in the lad's ear, the recruit listened and then nodded slightly before taking hold of his briefs, quickly pulled them down and stepped out of them placing them in the sergeant's outstretched hand. Trying not to meet anyone's gaze he walked over to the medical assistant and stood there with hands held behind his back. He spent the next ten minutes feeling very embarrassed while the assistant measured his height, weight, blood pressure and lung capacity. As he read out the measurements the officer wrote them down on the form. Then without warning the assistant cupped the recruit's balls in one hand and palpated them feeling for any abnormalities. Squirming uncontrollably the lad held his position only to become even more embarrassed when he realised that he now had an erection. Ignoring his evident distress the assistant told him to turn around, then bend over at the hips and grab his knees. As he did so, the other recruits spotted his erection, they wolf-whistled and laughed in response to the lad's blushes.

William immediately bellowed "Silence! Stop acting like immature children."

Which they did instantly suddenly not finding it so funny.

William continued "This young lad here is the bravest one of you lot, he's gone first, not knowing what to expect and apart from the initial and understandable hesitance he's done everything asked of him with dignity. Becoming sexually aroused at the slightest touch is only natural for a lad of his age. He will not be the only one this afternoon to have an erection so get used to the sight of a guy with a hard on and grow up. Right let's continue or we will be here until midnight."

By now the medical assistant had retrieved from his bag a small tub of grease, undone the lid and stuck his index finger deep into the grease. Then with his other hand he spread the arse cheeks facing him and without warning fully inserted his finger into the tight little anus facing him.

"Aaaghh!" cried the recruit, do his best to resist the impulse to pull away from the intrusion.

"Good lad. Stay with it, it's almost over" the medical officer assured him.

"Yes Sir" he groaned in reply.

The assistant felt around inside the rectum before focussing on the prostate gland which was felt all over for any signs of abnormalities. Slowly he pulled his finger out of the lad's rectum he announced he was healthy and clear of any problems so could now be released for uniform fitting. Relieved to be given the all clear the recruit stood up and made to retrieve his underwear from the sergeant only to find that his pants had disappeared. Looking over to where his other clothes had laid, they too had vanished! While his assessment had been carried out Sergeant Ballum had been busy collecting up the discarded clothes for 'safekeeping'.

Panicking a little and covering up his crown jewels he turned to the Staff Sergeant and managed to utter "Sir. Why have my clothes been taken away?"

"First young man" William replied "hands down by your sides. If you want to become a soldier you must take pride in yourself, both on the inside and the outside. You have nothing to be ashamed of, so stop hiding behind your hands and stand straight and proud. That's better. Now in answer to your question, your civilian clothes are now superfluous to requirement, they will be washed and held in storage until the training is over should you be released from the army. The army will provide you with everything you need when you need it, for now you are naked, revel in the freedom it gives you and above all be proud of your body. I want you to walk with your head held high over to the far corner where Sergeants Jolliston and Al-Singh have set up the fitting station, you will be kitted out with your uniform and undergarments. Then you may dress again and wait for your block mates to join you. Okay?"

"Yes Sir!" he replied before turning and walking round the edge of the parade ground, he held his head up with shoulders back but avoided looking anywhere but straight ahead for he could feel the weight of a hundred pairs of eyes following his every move. Finally he reached the fitting station where the sergeants were waiting with tape measures in hand, ten minutes later he was standing fully dressed in the army uniform complete with boots and kit bag. Relieved that his ordeal was over he sat down at the back of the square and watched the rest of his block mates undergo the same examinations......
Ask Mark Powell, or Mark Knight as he is now known after his aquaintance with Arrse.

He s the nuts, heres an extract from his best-seller "Up Shit Creek":

'McCabe stiffened, a sound from directly outside his door, a rustling. He placed the paint brush onto the old copy of The Sun newspaper.....'Tch, he thought, yesterdays news is todays fish wrappers.....' He chuckled to himself then swore as the water bottle he'd been painting slid to the floor, leaving a blood red streak across his He Man duvet cover. 'Bollocks, thats ruined it' he thought as the red streak sent him into another one of his cheap flashbacks used in numerous films.

A shadow flitted across the bottom of his door, McCabe stiffened again, he was feeling very stiff by this time. "Who the hell could it be? No one knows Im here, Im in real deep here.' He moved away silently from his bed, pausing only to pick up the Walther PPK that fires real steel BBs from his bedside table. Humming the tune from On her Majestys Sercret Service, he slid along the wall. 'Damn' he exclaimed as his shoulder holster caught his Shawodawoddy poster and fell to bits. '**** you E Bay' he thought 'thats the last time I kit myself out from that seller, shouldve known better with 3 negative feedbacks in the last 6 months. He quickly turned his Homer Simpson lamp out and crouched waiting. The handle of the door started to turn, turn so slowly that it gave McCabe a chance to stick in another flashback........

'MARK... MARK POWELL get here right this minute'.....'Oh God please no' thought Powell as he looked down onto his puny hairless body, the water running over his inverted penis.......

MacCabe shook his head.....'Goddamit Im not letting them beat me...not this goddam time'. He turned his head and noticed the blood red streak obscuring Man At Arms face...'No not again...not this time!' The room began to swim around MacCabe and despite feeling very stiff he slid down the wall, looking blankly into space just like Steven Segal, or Matt Damon in The Bourne Supremacy. The flashback hit him hard and fast like a 7.62 bullet.......

The duvet cover....being 10 years old....the water bottle.....the red paint....mother......mess.....mother...MOTHER!!!!

'NOoooooooo!'........MacCabe screamed, he tried to cock the Walther but it jammed and he realised he should have spent just that bit more money on a metal Umarex rather than a plastic one from a novelty shop. He reached for the door handle, the sweat beading on his brow and dropping onto the floor all in slow motion.........
I have become a prolific writer of ladies fiction. Thanks to a discovery I made on this very site- I'm churning 'em out faster than Babs cartland.
Am writing a few 'romantic' stories as well. Example:

"The unrelenting orgasms from his one-eyed milkman pounding my chlamydia canal made me come so hard, I began sweating like a midget nun at a penguin shoot. By now, my one slice toaster was haemorrhaging like a rabid dog. Hours of thrusting like this would leave any girl's meaty hangers looking like a badly wrapped kebab, and I was no different! It was bliss having his muffbuster stuffed inside me again; stuffing my clearing in the woods with my fist just didn't get my ground zero grotto surging like it used to. After having my cum dumpster thrusted, he then proceeded to plow my brown eye."

Plan on 'easing into' military themed stories later. How can one man have so much talent you ask?
Because I exclusively use this:
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