Any other poor soul have bother with SECURom?

I have spent three frustrating hours trying to install and play a legitimate copy of a game that I had spent good money buying, only to be thwarted time and again by this piece of shite software straight from the bowels of satan.

The game is the german version of ArmA Gold Edition. Installs in English, which is nice, but box art and instruction buche is in Deutsch. Still, four quid from EBay isn't too bad and it is still a gen up hologrammed disc. Which makes it even more infuriating that some rootkit shite I haven't given permission to be installed says no, you are not playing it. Go to our website and be patronised/and or be treated like you are wearing an eye-patch/have a parrot on your shoulder.

It is like having that infuriatingly crappy Matt Lucas/whatever that other closet case name is living in my PC and saying "computer says no".

edit - seems like Bohemia Interactive got so fed up with legitimate customers melting their phonelines that they are supposed to have god rid in the newest patch. We will see....

Oddly enough I had issues with them earlier today trying to install my brand new legitimate copy of Championship Manager 2010. Ultimately didn't bother upgrading the database from July to September 2009 just so I could play it after wasting an hour.
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