any other jargonites here? Seeking refuge...

Discussion in 'US' started by giblackjack, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. It seems that the SS Gijargon 2 has sunk... The sites forums have been taken down and apparently an announcement is forthcoming. I sure hope not though. I've already talked with CS, do any other gijargon members out there have any info?

  2. not sure what is going on....thought it was just me.

    Oh well, I rather hang out with the brits they seem to be more civilized and mature then many of the US run mil sites. 8O
  3. We're all having the same problem. I hope its just a temporary thing :cry:
  4. WTF?????

    History has repeated itself. One person has taken down another Jargon site. You all have noticed that ctauch has not been around lately. He was in a 2 week cooling off period, but couldn't stay away from the site. Today he signed in under different user name and posted. That account was deleted then he signed up under another user name, that one was also deleted and then he came on board under another user name which was blocked. I then blocked his IP's and he came back 2 different times using proxies and new names. That was all I could take and I shut down the board. Ctauch had a disagreement with me over a post I had WT post. It seems that his opinion is the only right opinion even thou I had the post done and I know the intent of the post. It must be nice being perfect and right all the time. I wish I was that smart. He harassed all my moderators and myself to the point we wouldn't even answer him nor take anymore of his bullshit. When we put this site up we made clear our goals was to have a site that all members could voice their opinions. We did little moderation maybe 3 or 4 times out of over 13,000 post did we step in and then only to keep the site pointed in the direction we had set out to do. Some members didn't like our input and thought that we were wrong in doing this. Ctauch even went so far as to say that we were running this site like I put this site up for the members and also as a stress reliever for me. It's not public knowledge, even thou some members know, that I'm in bad health with a condition that only gets worse as time goes on. I just don't need all this bullshit to stress me out. I will miss all the friends I have made here. For the most part you all are a great bunch of people and I hope that all continue to have good health and happiness. You may contact me at if you have any comments or questions, are just to say hi. You can contact wild_thing at if you would like to speak to him. Thanks for all the good times, BASECO

    :cry: :cry: :cry: I hope they come here as "refuges" I sure will miss the rest who dont show up
  5. Nice that they seem to think I posted and am so all powerful to bring a site to its knees...when I haven't. You, BaseCO, Wild_Thing, all told me to take a 2 week cooling off period from posting and that I did, even though I already told your minion wild_thing that I had no intentions to post....and haven't.

    Spacoli posted...which I am not. I have not tried to post and if you [the reading audience] are interrested in why I haven't posted I will be so kind to provide the transcripts of PM's between myself and the Fuehrer BaseCO. Feel free to PM me.

    BaseCO, you sir are a coward to pin this on me. I did nothing but respect your wishes to not post for 2 weeks, even after I told you, wild_thing and TheGambler I wouldn't....and I didn't. Spacoli is a friend and co-worker of mine you fecking twit...of course he has the same or similar IP.

    Again, I am not Spacoli, never was and never will be. The only user name I made up was 'Sprog' at WT's request.

    Tonight I created 'kygdddbommft'. I have always used public proxies, and so do others, but never ever have I cloaked a username. I made up the above username to determine whether I had been banned or the site had problems.

    You are a fecking cnut that tried to find a way to turn a profit on a web site, yet are to fecking dumb to find your own arrse. Don't you dare pin this on me with some lame ass shyte that my NOT POSTING or ACCESS/READING caused you to shut down a site. You could have PM'd or emailed me that I was banned, instead you try and find some lame @ss excuse and pin your failings on some one all powerful I should 'crawl under a rock' for speaking contrary to you, in public or through PM.

    Now you turn out to be an ailing tw@t that pisses his rubber pants.

    You are a TWIT

    Done venting...thank you ARRSE, after freeing ourselves from you 200+ years ago we are know in your debt for being a becon of freedom in the information age.
  6. Not a problem.

    Hope you can square your differences.

    Anyhoo , I'm sure we can let you have your old flag back too ,the proper one that is

    Old Glory ain't Red , White and Blue by accident y'know :D

  7. [ In best London Bobby voice]:Right, Wots All This Then?

    click on jargon and get a nasty surprise.. BASECO going all apoplectic and dumping on ctauch for pissing in his milk...or was it rinsing the sprog's diapers in his tea? not sure but the site is tits up...

    figured the rabble would migrate back here and was right.. so...ctauch caused a ruckus and then got blamed for picking at the he's an innocent bystander and the blood on his T-shirt was from someone else...

    sad...don't know who to blame and haven't heard the sides of the tale.. not sure I want to.. big disappointment after all the work back a few to get the damn thing up and running...

    can someone sane and sober PM me or contact me at my catch all E-mail addy:

    and fill me in?

    Do I have to play mediator all over again on this just to have a place on the weeb to post my plans to take over the world and have someone listen??

    oh, the lonliness..the [ sniff, honk, wheeze.. ] I need a drink...

    grown men...sheesh...its gawdam typing at a keyboard fer chrissakes!!..
  8. PTP my ring itches can you lick it :D

    The only true debate forum on the NET...just wish you would write in english :wink:
  9. Gawd Damm it!

    What are you boys doing now? I didn't even know there was a problem until tonight. Gi' ya such a kickin'!

    Rabble, my arrse.

    Hell on
  10. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Jeez!! How the fcuk did you lot ever get it together for long enough to put a man on the moon??

    Welcome back (again) SPAMS.

    Just about time when I thought we could get rid of Corporal once and for all back over to your side of the pond.

  11. what moon landing? :wink: I saw the discovery program :!: very similar settings to gijargon 8O , we can see it's there but can't actually do anything with it :wink: :wink:
  12. Here we go again

    Surely anyone who is going to host a website has to have the foresight to understand there may be undesirables that try to hack into the site.

    Do what they do on arse, feed them to the pack, they soon deal with them. Not many have been banned from here, its not really feasable

    Blondebint and LNV used to come back and were quickly run off again, and it was the cause for much amusement.

    Journos and nobbers don't last long.
  13. What a way to start the day. :roll:
  14. what , has your colostomy bag burst in your lap again ??
  15. Shut up and go back to gargling man fat, you pie munching troll.