Any Other Items You May Find Useful?

Is there any other items that have been useful or could be useful to take to Catterick for Phase 1, other then what is listed on the Joining instructions?
I've heard electric toothbrush... ;)

In seriousness now.
Spare washkit- razorblades, shower gel, soap, etc. It's very expensive on camp.
VERY good insoles- Sorbathane are a tried and tested safe bet. Anything other than the issued green card.
Socks- I wear Outlast hiking socks, and the double layered areas have saved me from blisters countless times.
Sense of humour- An absolute must!
Initiative (The ability to think for oneself)- See above.
For everything else, use the search function as God herself knows the amount of items that have been reccomended to take.
How about a Guitar? :)


Book Reviewer
The ability to use a search button on websites.... :roll:
Don't take anything that you would not want to lose.
Can I bring my mum with me to do my ironing?

Will we get to play COD4 to prove our shooting skills?

What about my Airsoft SA80, can I bring that?
pff airsoft SA80, that's sooooo last year...u need the MP5 SAS uzi with picatinny rail and UGL..only "them" get to try them out.
Butt plug
Obviously not a recent trainee with Para Reg then? They even made the papers with their bit of man love in Catterick.

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