Any other ex-RASC still serving?


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Now, I'll start by saying plainly - it's not me - but we have an NRPS WO2 working here who joined the RASC as a Boy Soldier, about six months before they became the RCT.

I was wondering, is there anyone else still serving who wore an RASC Capbadge, or is he the last of the breed? As NRPS he still has a couple of years left, but when he does finally hang up his boots it may be worth a bit of publicity!


One of the last I knew was a QM at 27. He went onto APC as the LE's desk officer. I remember him telling me 2 tings of interest:
1, The fun he had doing his basic training at longmoor;
2, what a sad day it was for the corps when he had to rebadge to RCT!!!!

A true sweat He left about 5 yrs ago, a jolly nice chap and no doubt enjoying his retirment. Good luck!!

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