Any other Cmts

Any other cmts on ere, serving or in the joining process?
plus whats the deal with male CMT's not seen or heard about alot?
well, first off i heard alot that in training theres a lack of Male Combat meds and alot of females so wondered how training is structured etc.

And what duties do you get up to, like going out on patrol etc cos i heard alot of contradictory statemnts about what CMT's do
mate when females outnumber males, be greatful.

And you can go from working in the med centre, to being attached to a infantry regiment and basically being another infantryman but with life saving skills. think of a CMT as a paramedic with a rifle.
Hey im female an joinin as a CMT!
Start basic at pirbright on the 24th Nov.....i havent heard from any other females goin in on this date just guys goin a wk b4 or wk afta! wen do u join phil_CMT?
ahh so we do get frontline action, cos my recruiter always came back at me and said
'you get a pistol in a tent 20 miles behind the frontline'

Ahh you lucky girl, i gotta wait til march for my Phase 1, missed that date by 5 days, how bad is that, U better tell me what its like cos im dying here!
i started my application in feb, waited 4 my ass of a GP 2 get my medical from done then had selection in june!
take my oath nxt thurs and now its only 26 days 2 go till i leave....who knos in near future cud b workin 2geva
Spurs ur doing basic at pirbright? surely u mean winchester?

pirbright is only the selection centre?
aye its changed to pribright, winchester is now a junior entry, my mate is doin his infantry training there
riiite, i'm going to pirbright on the 24th, but for ADSC.

Spurs how many you do on the heaves?
its all changed apparently. i was stunned wen my recruiter sed pirbright cos m8 from college joined a yr ago an went 2 winchester! ive checked an the website says pirbright for females over 18 an guys doin other corps!!
gonna b a bit worried if i turn up 2 pirbright an they say i gotta turn bak round again!
so doc ur doin CMT thought u were already in, i really wouldnt worry bout heaves m8, they not bothered, lad passed wid me n got none!, just do your best on run n static lift and your away, and dont drop jerry cans,
i did slection at lichfield an managed 2 do 7 heaves b4 they told me 2 save my arms 4 the jerry can! like phil_CMT sed focus on ur run!! they support u throughout if u feel like stoppin which is wot some of the girls did they push u bak in2 it at the end of it they passed!
ye i've been around CMT's most of my life, so know a fair bit, not bothered about the phys will fu*king walk it.
You got encouragment on your run!!!??, i was at ADSC Glencorse and all i got was cold scottish rain and wind, and an angry looking scot officer goin get movin you scrawny shite!.
ha ha!! lets hope ur showers arent the other side of the drill square cos us girls went 4 a shower b4 lights out an the officers were chasin us across the square in our towels!
all worth it tho!
ill chase las's in there towels lol, lucky gits!, so why you wanna be a CMT Spurrs? how old r ya btw if u dont mind me asking?
im 19! as a girl whos always wanted 2 b in on all the action CMT was one of the roles that offered close combat 4 women! plus dnt mind gettin my hands dirty

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