Any other caravaners here?


As it says, who else spends their leisure time slowing down the highways and byeways?

My little Hymer, a 2005 Nova, old girls doing well for her age.

Before you posted this, sometimes I felt you were being unfairly treated.
I wish to retract that. I now detest you with a level of venom that would make a Black Mamba envious.
May all your midge bites turn septic and your brakes bind.
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I thought you'd typed 'My little hymen'
Caravaners. I refer you to Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May.


Caravaners. I refer you to Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May.
Now, to be fair as a looooonnnng time motorcyclist I thought in much the same terms. Me and 'er indoors would go to bike rallies and tour around with a tent and have a grand old time of it. Nowadays with 'er indoors suffering very badly with post viral fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome following a bout of glandular fever those days are very suddenly gone.

We like to get out and about still around the country when we can. We've found that for SWMBO if we can use a caravan as a base it's a good way in which she can get the benefit of getting out-ish and be able to retreat into the van to a familiar space that she knows she's comfy in if it all gets too much and I can indulge my desire to get out in the good old british countryside without worrying about how she's doing too much.


We have had caravans for years, we use it a lot especially since early retirement. We usually spend a couple of months in France, June / July and back late August/September plus trips in UK. Generally avoid school holidays! No need to book and freedom to follow the sun!
Not everybody's thing and a bit popular since covid.
I reckon there will be a glut of used vans and motorhomes once foreign holidays are back to normal.
We do long haul and cruise Holidays too.