Any one starting phase 1 at winchester on sept 17?

klkl. my mate has just gone there so he's been telling me what its like. where bouts you travelling from? im coming from bexhill on south coast. just quit my crap job at woolworths so have 5 weeks left to get fit and buy all the kit.
Travelling down from Birkenhead in the north west, bit of a hefty journey to Winchester.

I left JJB a few weeks ago to sort my own fitness out...just want to get started now, the wait's been the worst thing.

When and where did you pass selection?
am going back on sunday....i was bedded down for 3 nights with a chest infection then the doctor told me i needed to leave for 9 days on the sick
pirbright back in feb. wat bout yourself?
my parents are still insisting that i pay rent for my last month!! and i need most of it to buy kit for army!
you started buying yours yet?
one tip for those coming to winchester dont bring lots of civvi's you wont need em and you wont wear non at all till ya battlefield tour...thats at the end of week 4....

am loving it there cant wait to be back there,wanna get on with the training even tho it starts to get hard after week 2....

but after week 2 alot of people think about DAOR i did and am glad i never went ahead with it,training is ment to be hard but the hardist thing i found about training was the sleeping hour' wake up at 6 well i wake up at half 5 to sort my stuff out,but anyways then you have lession and such all till 8 at night,then you have 3 hours to sort you kit out and best books and ironing plus have a chit chat to ya bird or family.....then its lights out at 11,but i still carry on sortin my stuff out intill atleast about 6 hours sleep aint alot and you will find you start falling sleep in lession's lmao

my chest infection feels about gone now just finshing my last dose of anti-bo's
you dont have to be the best they just want to see effort and 199%

gd luck for once ya here lads
is there only 2 ppl on here going 2 winchester then?
i've got most of my kit sorted got myself a good iron the other day. now just doing my training, in this crap weather.!!
killergibbo said:
but after week 2 alot of people think about DAOR i did and am glad i never went ahead with it,
Killer, DAOR?

All I google-found was Downey Association of Realtors :?
I haven't got a clue Jimbor sorry.

If nobody helps you out on here you could give your recruiter a ring or maybe e-mail Winchester itself...(Not sure whether they can tell you either though).

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