any one starting basic training 1st of july at Catterick?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by zad8919, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi is any one starting basic on the 1st of july?

  2. Have to wait until August 12th, sadly - good luck though!
  3. unlucky what reg do you want to join?

  4. Rifles mate, you?
  5. grenadier guards for me :D have you got you kit list sorted yet?

  6. I start my basic August 26th
  7. what reg you wanting to join?

  8. paras mate
  9. Best of luck to you and will probably bump into you some where along the way.

  10. Yeh i'm goin Paras too mate and i have to wait til end of august too, sucks dont it.
    When did u do your selection?
  11. ive thought about getting it sorted.. :D got the best part of 2 months yet but i should really get down to it.
  12. 17th-18th may mate, what you doing right now as in fitness wise. i bough that Fighting fit book and in the middle of following the 8 week plan as close to it as I can