Any one serving in Air conditioning and refrigeration in the royal engineers?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Markbens, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey is there anyone on here who is serving or has served as a Fitter Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. In the royal engineers am after so infomation on this job. Thanks for any response.
  2. Not many Fitter ACR's around, it is a pinch point trade because there aren't many takers. It's a good trade to have for civvy street. There aren't many opportunities to practice it whilst in the Royal Engineers although there are a few trade posts kicking round. Perhaps now with PPP having taven over at 1 RSME the kit in the workshops might be updated to reflect more modern technology and systems.
  3. This is my first choice job. I guessed that us being i Afghan that aircon and fridges might need fixing. Will give me something to do when on tour, Right?! haha. Just kidding. I know I'll be digging trenches and eating pies.
  4. The kit in Chatham is actually better than some Civvy bits (from what i seen anyway)

    Basically, after Phase 1 (Basic) and Phase 2a (Combat Engineer), you'll go on to Chatham to do you Phase 2b. The wait between 2a and 2b can be a while. Mine personally was about 4 months, but i know a few lads who waitied approx 10 months.

    Your 0-2 course last approximately 10/11 months and concentrates on Refrigeration, then after a couple of years at your regiment, you will come back to Chatham to do your 2-1 course, on Air Con (6 Month's)

    Ive only done the 0-2 myself, and to be honest, its not the most interesting course. A LOT of theory work is involved and a lot of tests. Its not the hardest to pass, as long as you put the effort in.

    If your serious about choosing this trade and want a bit of a headstart, i'd buy a book on Engineering Mathematics and try to fam up on that. Also Algebra/Equations plays a bit part of the start of the course, so it would be helpful to brush up on that.

    As allready mentioned, you wont get much of a chance to use your trade, both at your reg, or on Op's, but it could happen, so you always need to know what your doing.

    Any more questions send me a PM and i'll do my bst to answer!
  5. most of the trade posts are at Jnco/Snco level and are highly sought after so you need to pass the cse & get picked up THEN you can throw your hat into the ring for an "Op Cygnet" posting.

  6. I didnt realise that Fitter ACR was such an in-depth trade.... 10/11 months of refrigeration and 6 months Aircon? so much for 40-48 weeks of trade training to sit about on my Arrse sipping tea all day...

    On a serious note: Which books on engineering do you recommend? how indepth do I/we/they go into the subjects?
  7. Fridge mech is also a good headstart into the maths geekyness of the Clk Wks (M) world, if coneheadedness is in your future (and it will be as you virtually have to "opt out" of it now)
  8. Maths for technicians is the standard book you should look at. You need to be proficient with fractions, decimals, areas, volumes, averages, ratios, equations and transposition of formula. Basically Maths GCSE A* to C.
  9. Sweet. well I got a high A at selection and I am not on DE LIST for this trade. I will certainly embark on getting this naughty sounding book. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Quick note though... BTEC First, higher diploma NIII or NII one?
  11. I would probably go for BTEC higher.
  12. im not sure specifically which, but anythin to do with Engineering Mathematics

    After your trade i cant see you doin much sittin round doin nothin. Section Sapper can be a busy job
  13. Ok, cheers

    I just ment specifically to my trade. I'm sure there will be bits and bobs I can fix :)
  14. The work on tour is civi contracted, so unless you go on a construction tour, you probably wont use it
  15. i am currently doing a 2 week refrigeration & air conditioning course that will give me the quals to work within that industry. ^^