Any one reccomend best socks to wear whilst tabbing???

Clean ones

But seriously I find the white Desert ones that were issued for Telic love them
Seconded, but I need to get mobilsed again, as they're started to wear now.
Bridgedale or Thorlos socks and liners have always worked for me.

Either Bridgedale as mentioned above, issued white desert socks, or bizarelly enough, some cheap 'Wal-mart' own brand hiking socks I bought for about a dollar a pair in the US.....
Any of the above and I would recommend a pair of Coolmax liners for this time of year to stop your feet getting too damp.
If you know any crabs or air crew, try and land some aircrew socks. Personally i think there quality and last for ages!!
Any one know where you can get a civi version of the old Telic socks? Got my hands on some but they're a bit under the weather now!




Bridgedale and good boots never had a blister yet thats juniors and seniors done and no blisters get a pair of sorbothane insoles too good shit.
This is an each to there own thing i reckon. After a bit of time served you find something that works. Me personally i have to wear bridgedale liners, thick desert socks and lowas. Can you imagine cutting around afghan in the summer like that. Feet stank but blistered none!
Issue greens! haven't seen those for at least 5 years now. is it not about time you traded them in.
As an aside, does anyone know if the stores provide an alternate sock for those who suffer from allergies? I suffer from sores on my legs caused by these new black socks, made worse by boots being tightened over them and the fact my feet sweat more than with the old green ones. (I appreciate that socks are easy to come by when paid for myself, I just prefer freebies. I'm tight like that.)

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