Any one know if google earth is accurate?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by scouser06, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Hey I downloaded this program google earth because I got told you can measure distances on it. So I did that to plan out a run but the place I measured out seems allot smaller than I thought it was,so I was woundering if any of use could download it and measure your run places and see if its the same size as you thought it was.
  2. I have it on my PC and as far as i can tell it is accurate to 6 meters.
  3. Hmm...I would say it is quite accurate. I measured a couple of 100m and 400m rifle range(s?) and it google earth came up with about 100m and 400m respectively. Not very helpful i know...
  4. msr

    msr LE


    How did you measure it in the first place?

  5. Google Earth is accurate to around 7.5m - depending on the satellite source used. Certain of the imagery supplied for North America is accurate to 3m (mainly urban centres) - other parts of the globe have been defined as a lower resolution / accuracy on the basis that there ain't much there of interest.

  6. Open google earth
    zoom in on your place
    then go to tools on the top
    then click on measure
    from there you can measure from miles to km
  7. I think MSR means why did you think the run length was any different to the google answer? Had you previously paced it out or measured it on another map?

    I just checked 2 runs I do and they pretty much match what I had measured them to be on a map.

    If its any consolation I'm frequently disappointed to come home from a monster run which turns out to be not so monster.....

  8. I went back to google earth and measured a 400m athletics tracks. Google Earth put one round of the track at 404.9m. Pretty accurate then!

  9. Bugger! Just measured my lunchtime run. Looks like it is 2.5 miles. :? Was it worth getting sweaty for?

    Good job I am going to the gym tonight then. :(
  10. Iraq is pretty accurate..., you get a great view of Shaibiza and Basra Palace.

    Since you can overlay Lat and Long I'd say the only way you'll be more accurate is with a tape measure. Even the GPS running logs are subject to error. I'd say it's a lot mote accurate that a 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 map. You're going for a run, FFS not sending in a precision guided munition. How clucking accurate do you want it?
  11. I was mesureing a place which isnt far from mine and it just seems so much bigger than googel says.I thought the area of it where I was going to run was like 2 miles but it works out around 1.3.
  12. one on google earth while its a hot potato, why are some places in much less detail than others when magnification is high?
  13. Another useful tool is

    You could also try running quicker.
  14. How do you do measurements on google earth? Or am I having a blonde moment?
  15. Mlarr flowers!!

    click on 'tools' and then select 'measure'...

    A box appears and you can use it to measure a single line or a path (collection of lines)...

    Your ever helpful,